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 Hughes, Raynor

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Raynor Hughes


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PostSubject: Hughes, Raynor   Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:41 pm



Name:  Raynor Hughes
Species:  Terran/Klingon
Gender:  Male
Date of Birth:  Earth Standard May 30, 2348
Age:  30
Place of birth:  Archanis IV


Height:  193 cm (6'4")
Eyes:  Hazel
Hair:  Dark brown
Characteristic elements:  

Raynor is a massive man, standing well over average height for a human.  He is powerfully built, with long, lean limbs and broad shoulders.  His large hands and long, tapering fingers seem equally suited for strangling the life out of an enemy, or performing a transfer of one of his most delicate plants.  He has the ridges of his mother's family, and a few scars along his face.

There is also an intricate tattoo/scar along the back of his shoulders.  Once, on Qo'noS, a group of warriors beat him into submission, carving the shape of a bat'leth into his back.  Instead of having the scars healed, Raynor decided to have the outline of the blade permanently traced in ink as a gesture of defiance.


Mother:  K'Ayhlor of GevnoS
Father:  CPO Morgan Hughes


Raynor is a mixture of both of his backgrounds - he is learned and cultured, appreciating the sciences, arts, and literature...along with his flowers.  He is also a trained warrior, living for the thrill of battle and the blood-lust.  Large as he is, Raynor is always careful not to hurt those smaller and weaker than him, though sometimes, to his great regret, it cannot be helped.


Raynor Hughes was born on the colony of Archanis IV.  On that admixture world of both the Federation and the Empire’s influence, Starfleet security petty officer Morgan Hughes met and began a somewhat improbable courtship of K’Ayhlor of the House of GevnoS, his heart stolen in a dervish of blood and fire.  At first, K’Ayhlor gave the human polite (for a Klingon) attention, but this soon turned to admiration and respect, both for his prowess as a warrior and his dedication to her pursuit.  She took the man to mate, and completed ceremonies with him in 2344.  A few years later, she decided to bear a child from the union, and Raynor of the House of GevnoS, Raynor Hughes, was born.

K'Ayhlor of GevnoS and Morgan Hughes

Raynor was eight years old, already growing tall and strong, when his mother left to serve the forces of the Empire, serving in any number of vicious flare-ups with the Romulan Empire post-Narendra III.  Tragically, her warship was lost in battle.  It was a glorious death, one achieved in defense of both honor and truth, and Raynor did his best not to feel sorry for his mother.  That did not stop him from missing her fiercely.

Morgan Hughes continued to live with his son on Archanis IV until he was around ten years old, when the elder Hughes, minus K’Ayhlor’s presence, had taken enough of his outsider’s status among the other Klingons of the colony.  He also foresaw his son following in his mother’s footsteps, right into the grave, if he grew up around other Klingons.  Raynor did not wish to leave his home.  He felt as if he were being pulled in two, though his Klingon side acquiesced to his human side, and he obeyed his father.

Return to Qo'noS 

Raynor grew into the cusp of adolescence on Earth, running free in the wilderness of Alaska, and attending Earth schooling.  He was a willful child, not fitting in anywhere, and nursing a growing resentment of his father.  It was not logical to blame Morgan for anything, as the man did the best he could to raise Raynor, but he was becoming a sullen teenager.

Finally, both Hughes men could stand the situation no longer, and Raynor left Earth as a sixteen-year-old.  He travelled to the Klingon Homeworld to reconnect with his mother’s people, his family of the House of GevnoS.  Some were receptive, others wanted little to do with him, but he did all he could to learn the ways of the warrior, and what it meant to be a true Klingon.  Many were the scrapes he fought through in order to prove that his human blood was not a weakness and that it made him stronger, for he had to work harder to achieve that which came naturally to others.

Raynor’s visits home were few during this time period, and his relationship with his father was strained and distant, but polite.  On one visit, however, his father gave him advice that would change the course of his life.  Long he pondered, contemplating his future.  Stars were consulted, as were the elders of his House, along with the bottom of bloodwine goblets.  Finally he came to the conclusion.  The road would be long and the journey toilsome, but he would join the Klingon Defense Force.

Soldier of the Empire
He was a nontraditional warrior in about every way possible, but Raynor flourished in those few years.  Modeling himself after the great philosopher-kings like Kahless the Unforgettable, he would hone both body and mind, challenging himself to thrive in the field of medicine and science.  A dull mind is as useless as a dull blade, and as dangerous.

As a bekk aboard the IKS Starbreaker, Raynor fought up through the ranks, continuing to pursue his dual life of both thinker and fighter, serving as the equivalent of Science Officer.  The Starbreaker saw heavy action throughout the entirety of the Dominion War, and Raynor became a blooded warrior many times over.

Equivalent Exchange

Following the conclusion of hostilities, the alliance between the Empire and the Federation remained fairly strong.  It was suggested that the Exchange Officer Program be reinstated, and Raynor’s connections to both worlds made him the ideal candidate.  He has fit in fairly well among Starfleet, though there have been a multitude of misunderstandings with superior officers that seem, at least to him, to be overgrown children in uniform.

One unexpected recent development has been his close friendship with Ilana Telak – a Cardassian.  Initially cool and distant, Raynor has found himself becoming attached to the doctor in a special kind of relationship, and he tends to be overprotective of her.  He also has developed a close relationship with Jiseth of the Romulan Empire...another surprise, all things considered.  He respects the woman for her warrior's heart and drinking prowess, and is proud to call her an ally.


2368 - Bekk (Sciences Officer) - IKS Starbreaker

2371 - Sergeant - IKS Starbreaker

2374 - Lieutenant - IKS Starbreaker

2376 - Exchange Officer - USS Churchill

2377 - Exchange Officer - USS Discovery

2378 - Bvt. Colonel/Imperial Exchange Officer - USS Phoenix


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Hughes, Raynor
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