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 Andrew Sheridan

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Andrew Sheridan
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PostSubject: Andrew Sheridan   Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:49 am

Andrew Sheridan


Name:  Andrew Sheridan
Species:  Human
Gender:  Male
Date of Birth:  
Age:  22


Height:  6’ 2.5”
Weight:  182 lbs.
Eyes:  Emerald
Hair:  Black
Tone:  Fair

Characteristic elements:  Andrew is a man who loves to be able to help.  Those people in need often find Andrew ready to step in voluntarily.  He has a strong sense of taking the initiative when he knows there are tasks that need to be completed, and never seeks to get anything extra for his time and effort.  There is a quiet modesty to the young man; taking the compliments when they do come.  He has a severe dislike for abuse of authority, or abuse of any kind.  His moral strength does not allow him let such things go unchallenged.  Andrew is quite patient, but when deal with repeated stupidity and ignorance…his patience becomes almost non-existent.  Such moments cause Andrew to either want to teach the poor person some reasoning, or intervene to counter the stupidity.  Details are a part of Andrew’s life, and he is rather analytical…especially in the areas of temporal mechanics and tactics.  He is extremely adaptable…an ability to actually adapt to unusual situations, and being innovative in solving problems others thought impossible.  However, Andrew tends to be very stubborn, and once faced with a challenge…simply continues even when it is clear that success is not possible.  His greatest weakness is his shyness around the social area where women are concerned outside of the work environment.  Though he has a very romantic heart; no woman has yet shown such interest in him, and when one does…will have to find a way past his shyness.


Backstory:  Andrew Sheridan was born to Jennifer and Marcus Sheridan in Portland, Oregon on December 7th, 2356, but not from this timeline.  His mother, Jennifer Sheridan, was a Starfleet Captain commanding the USS HIKURA, an Excelsior-class starship.  His father, Marcus Sheridan, was in charge of the newly developed Temporal Science department.  As such, family moments together were rare, but Andrew stayed in constant contact with his mother while she was abroad.  From the age of four, Andrew showed signs of exceptional insight, and was thus tested for psi talents at the request of his father.  To his parents’ astonishment; Andrew rated exceptionally high on the psi scale…his potential greater than any Human known to that date.  Genetic manipulation was ruled out by the medical staff, but could not explain this strange sensitivity Andrew had gained.  Marcus then hired Melila D’xan, a Betazoid woman, to train his son in the use of his gift.  Despite his potential, Andrew learned quite a bit slower than was expected.  This came from Andrew’s own desire not to learn so fast.  He was frightened of his new talents, and he refused to push himself so hard.

Andrew’s early education not only included training in his psi talents from Melila, but discussions on temporal mechanics and tactics.  The first came from his father, and the second from his mother…the latter having three-dimensional chess matches long distance with her son, and sending tactical scenarios for him to study.  In this way, Andrew began to learn both of these things, and while not truly understanding a lot of it from the temporal mechanics part yet…the tactics he swiftly picked up.  He grew up well, learning also to wield the staff not only for self-defense, but also to build him up for when he entered Starfleet.  Slowly, his talents began to truly manifest:  empathy and telepathy being the two main ones, but there was the beginnings of telekinesis showing up in his abilities.  Such was noted when Melila saw Andrew bring a stylus to him by simply outstretching his hand for it.  The stylus had been across the room several meters, and while it had slowly floated to him….it was still a new manifestation of his talents.  Melila, however, did not have the training to truly guide him for such ability, and thus it developed rather slowly.

Things seemed to be just fine for Andrew until the Borg arrived at Wolf 359 under the command of the captured flagship commander, Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 2367. The ENTERPRISE-D had failed to stop the Borg, and had been assimilated by the former commanding officer.  All of Starfleet’s best hopes were lost that day, and the Borg came to Wolf 359 where Starfleet was assembled together in the hopes of stopping this deadliest of foes.  Naturally, the HIKARU was ordered home for the defense of Earth along with ever starship the Federation could rapidly bring home.

The defense failed…utterly.  Not one single starship survived.  Every single person present was either slain or assimilated by the Borg.  The HIKARU and CHEKOV showed up late along with few other Federation starships for the last stand at Earth.  What forty starships couldn’t do against the might of the Borg, and the knowledge of the former flagship’s commander was the same for the twelve latecomers.  The Borg slaughtered the Federation defense at Earth, and only the CHEKOV and HIKARU actually were able to escape with as many people as they could evacuate.  Among those to rescued were Andrew and his father along with his father’s notes on temporal mechanics.  Earth fought on with those who could not leave in time, but the defense was futile, and Andrew’s homeworld was soon assimilated.

The Borg did not stop pursuing the HIKARU and CHEKOV.  Only one year later in late 2368 on Andrew’s 11th birthday, both starships were caught at Vulcan where a new defensive force had been gathering, but instead of one cube…they faced three.  It was too much, and the Borg once more were victorious.  This time, only the badly damaged HIKARU survived the battle.  Pursued, the starship under now Admiral Jennifer Sheridan, attempted to get to a nebula to hide and have some damage repaired.  Something about that last firefight as the Borg opened up a brief tear in the fabric of the Space/Time Continuum, and the HIKARU vanished near Tholian space.  When the ship reappeared, it was in this timeline…savagely damaged, and Andrew’s parents slain.  A Vulcan survey vessel discovered the starship with only one survivor aboard…Andrew Sheridan.  The Vulcan captain realized the gift Andrew had, and thus brought the young Human boy back to his sister, Priestess T’zel.  The Priestess raised the very quiet Andrew from that day on, and adopted him.

Andrew, for his part, never forgot the loss of his parents and mentor.  He never forgot the destruction the Borg had brought to the Federation and to Earth.  Silently, he vowed their destruction would come if the Borg were in this new timeline he found himself in.  For it had been discovered that Andrew came from an alternate timeline.  It took a couple of years for Andrew to return some semblance of normalcy, and began to help those around him.  Part of this came from T’zel’s constant aid to others, and part of this came from having helplessly watched as his family was slain.  He studied hard…wanting to take up his mother’s profession as a Starship Captain, and he pushed himself harder than he ever thought possible.  Burying himself in his work; Andrew also began to focus his talents as much as he could.  T’zel helped him willingly, but also taught him to control his emotions….for his rage could be felt by the other Vulcans.  Thus, T’zel taught him the strict discipline he needed to protect his mind and heart, and his talents grew.  By the time he entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 17; Andrew’s empathic and telepathic abilities were on par with the average Betazoid, but they did not stop there.  Telekinesis he began to work on…even if most of it was on his own.  As of the time he entered the Academy; Andrew could move small objects rapidly, or humanoid-sized items slowly.  The latter took a lot of his strength.  Something about the movement through the Space/Time Continuum also caused Andrew to sense shifts in the continuum, and have a perfect sense of Time.  The first part usually made him ill for a minute or less, and caused him to become unfocused for those moments.  The second was simply his ability to know what time it was no matter where he was without the need to glance at a physical representation of the time.

Andrew’s studies in Starfleet included Operations as his main field, but he doubled up in Temporal Science and Security.  Operations he chose for his ability to better be involved in various other departments, and thus be of greater service before getting his own command.  The last two he chose were in honor of his father’ studies on temporal mechanics, and to prepare for the time when he must face the Borg as well.  He graduated Starfleet Academy at the age of 21, but took an additional year of study under the Department of Temporal Investigations.  At the end of that year, having been stationed at Forever World for six months; Andrew was transferred to Starbase Athena to await his new assignment.  He knew he could end up assigned to the base, or end up assigned to the USS PHOENIX, and either was fine with him.


Enlisted or Officer?:  Officer
Department preference 1:  Ops
Department Preference 2:  Temporal Mechanic Science

Sample Post

You have arrived at your newest assignment...

A new assignment awaited Andrew Sheridan aboard the USS PHOENIX.  The shuttle had just finished docking aboard the Nebula-class cruiser, and Andrew was looking forward to serving with the crew members aboard.  With his duffel carried neatly over his left shoulder; Andrew Sheridan stepped off the ramp of the shuttle to survey the docking bay with a critical and curious eye.  With his right hand, the newly assigned Operations ensign tugged his uniform tunic a bit tighter.  This was not from him needing to, but rather from the desire to make sure he was quite presentable.  It did not take him long to find a member of his department waiting for him with a PADD in her hand waiting for him.  Being as she held the rank of Senior Chief; Andrew figured she was the department head, and recalled her name from the roster as Sophie McCallan.

Once he stood before her…coming sharply to attention; Andrew introduced himself.  “Senior Chief McCallan, I’m Ensign Andrew Sheridan, one of your new Operations personnel,” the young man said as he pulled his orders from a side pocket on his duffel.
“Welcome to the PHOENIX, Ensign Sheridan.  We can always use a good Ops person,” the woman stated sincerely…though her face was stern until she began looking over Andrew’s orders and file.  “I see you have background in temporal science and tactics…both for starship and ground combat.  Very interesting, Ensign.  I think you will fit in very nicely here.”

“Thank you, Senior Chief,” Andrew replied even as the woman motioned for him to follow after handing his orders back to him.  Andrew put the item away, and followed his senior out of the bay and through the halls of the Nebula-class cruiser.  The PHOENIX had an excellent reputation, and Andrew was proud to be aboard her.

“Take twenty minutes to get settled in, and then come relief me on the bridge.  No time like the present to see how good you really are at your job,” Sophia ordered, and then left him outside his quarters.

“Indeed,” Andrew whispered to himself after he went in.

Behind the Mask

Have you done text based RP before?: Yes.  Some may remember me as Master Chief of Shadow Fleet…Ops Manager Extraordinaire for over two years.

How did you find Aurora?:  Through Klara, Gabe, and Jen!

Additional notes about yourself or your character:  Thanks to my love for temporal mechanics and psi talents, my character has been deliberately displaced in the Space/Time Continuum, and has some psionic talents…though I would not think they are overly powerful.  None of them have the ability to manipulate other minds or emotions.
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PostSubject: Re: Andrew Sheridan   Fri Oct 17, 2014 12:02 pm

Welcome to Aurora fleet, Andrew!

Your application is excellent, although I have to ask you to try to keep the psi talents to a minimum. I don't mind the character having them as long as they don't get to a godmod level!

I'm delighted to be able to offer you the position of operations officer on Starbase Athena with the starting rank of Ensign. Currently, all the base personnel are on the Phoenix mission, so feel free to jump in over there.


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Andrew Sheridan
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