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 Safefta Pardek

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Safefta Pardek
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PostSubject: Safefta Pardek   Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:56 am

|Safefta Pardek|


Name: Safefta ie-Mnaeha Pardek
Species: Romulan/Vulcan hybrid
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: July 14th, 2356
Age: 20


Height: 6'2
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: White/Grey
Characteristic elements: Safefta's hair is white/grey prematurely due to the trauma of her torture at the hands of the Tal Shiar when she was younger. As a result of said torture, she has a nasty network of scars over her body. These are green rather than pink due to her copper-based blood. She has a lithe build, lean but strong. She has a V-shaped ridge on her forehead and pointed ears.



Safefta Pardek was born on Romulus to T'veah and Suran Pardek. Her mother was a Vulcan spy that had defected from the federation. Unbeknownst to their daughter, the two were terrorists. They spent most of their time in secret plotting and scheming, while on the outside appearing to raise their daughter normally.

Safefta played by herself for the most part. Because of the stigma attached to hybrid children or 'tainted blood', she was rather ostracized by other pure-blooded Romulan children. Bullies were common, and she often felt angry as a small girl at her parents for being two different species.

Romulan tradition has all children evaluated for worth and strength until the age of twenty. At any age, if they are not considered strong enough, they must fight another youth of a similar age to the death (from which point they are considered worthy for their lives). Safefta, due to her lineage, was put into such a match at age eleven and obviously came out as victor.

She did attend the Romulan academy and despite the 'disadvantage' of her mixed lineage, she did well.

When she was a bit older, Sixteen or seventeen, she along with her two parents was captured by the Tal Shiar. Someone had tipped the agency off at last about her parents activities. The damage they had done to the Romulan empire was inexcusable, although not  extremely devastating. She was separated from her parents and was tortured for the purpose of extracting information. She knew little to nothing about what they wanted and so was held for an inordinate amount of time.  Her parents died under interrogation after information had been extracted (their deaths were shown to Safefta as a way to cause her severe psychological distress). Safefta's hair turned prematurely white a month after the torture started.

Had the Tal Shiar not, after a time, realized that Safefta was innocent, they would have killed her as well. Since she was innocent and they could not return her to the general population of Romulus, pity was taken on her and she was exiled across the neutral zone. It was from there that she came to join starfleet.

Starfleet academy was extremely difficult for Safefta, and she was worried that she would be unable to complete it. She was always however a bright student, and she gave her 100% the areas assigned. She passed most of her exams well. Her first assignment was to the USS Discovery as an operations crewman. As she rose through the enlisted ranks and transferred back and forth between the Gettysburg, the Gibson, and the Discovery, she gained experience in operations. Despite this, a few years into her enlistment she made the switch over to the Sec/Tac department.


USS Discovery - Ops Crewman
USS Gibson - Ops Petty Officer
USS Gettysburg - Security/Tactical Cadet
USS Discovery - Security Ensign
--- TBA ---

Enlisted or Officer?: Officer.
Department preference 1: Security/Tactical
Department Preference 2: Ops

Sample Post

You have arrived at your newest assignment...

Safefta was growing weary of transferring. Difficult enough as it was for her to become familiar with anyone, it seemed that the instant she got used to one crew, she was off and shuffled to a new one, with a totally different size and set of people. Do they do this on purpose? she wondered as she materialized on yet another transporter pad.

The bored face of the Bolian at the controls told her that she was likely one of many transferees that day, and that he was likely bored out of his mind. Pardek remembered the feeling well enough from her days as an ops crewman.

She kept her eyes cast to the ground as she exchanged the most minimal of greetings with the blue-faced petty officer and left the transporter room. The halls were already more crowded than she liked.

Ah, hnaev.

Automatically, she pressed herself against the wall and started her trek. She'd been informed that she had some time before she should report into the captain. This gave her plenty of time to drop her minimal amount of possessions off at her quarters.

I need some coffee, and then, perhaps a nap, she thought to herself. Ah, well. One more ship couldn't hurt.

Behind the Mask

Have you done textbased RP before?: Aye. Between shadowfleet, aurora fleet, tumblr, and other Nova and forum-based simms, I have about six years of experience.

How did you find Aurora?: Initially through skyping with admins. This is my second account.

Additional notes about yourself or your character?: Y'all know me.
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PostSubject: Re: Safefta Pardek   Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:15 am

Hey, welcome to AF!

Your application is great, and we'd like to post you to the USS Phoenix as Ensign, in the billet of Security and Tactical.

Feel free to jump in the mission, which is currently in progress and is close to its midpoint.

And welcome to the growing family.


Click the card for full bio!

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Safefta Pardek
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