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 Arthur, Gabriel

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Gabriel Arthur
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PostSubject: Arthur, Gabriel   Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:13 pm



Name:  Gabriel Iason Arthur
Species:  Human
Gender:  Male
Date of Birth:  October 25, 2348
Age:  30
Place of birth:  Wytheville, Virginia, Earth


Height:  189 cm (6'2")
Eyes:  Slate blue
Hair:  Blonde
Characteristic elements:  Gabe used to be a bit more freckled when he was younger, though they've faded a lot.  He still has a very slight dusting across the bridge of his nose.

General:  Gabriel is tall and lanky, and tends to lean a little when he stands.  His hands are those of an artist.


Mother:  Ariadne Arthur (nee Hieros)
Father:  Robert Arthur
Siblings:  Garen Arthur, Chira Arthur
Significant others:  Archangel T'Koris
Children:  Seika and Aria


Gabriel Arthur is what could be called 'a genuinely nice person'.  He tries to be considerate and open-minded.  He's a creator, first and foremost, be it an engineering project, or something he draws...he is happiest when working with his hands.  Gabriel has taken right to the role of 'father', and is more devoted to his young family than anything else.


Gabriel Iason Arthur was born in Virginia on the North American continent of Earth.  A native Centauran, his mother Ariadne is a former R&D scientist who worked at the Proxima Centauri Maintenance Yards.  Robert, of Wytheville, Virginia, is an adjunct professor of history and a holonovelist who is best known for his historical romances set along the old Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone.  They now live in a nice home on Centaurus Prime.  

Gabriel has two siblings:  his sister, Chira, is his elder by five years.  She is a starship counselor.  Gabriel’s brother Garen is a pilot and captain (by courtesy) of the freighter SS Plutonia.

After her maternal leave, Gabe’s mother resumed her job on Proxima Centauri, and the family moved back there.  Here Gabriel spent the majority of his childhood into his teenage years.  Every summer, however, he would return to his grandparents on the old Arthur farm in Virginia.  Gabe and his siblings lovingly called this place “the Time Warp”, as his grandparents loved working the land with minimal automation and would always serve non-replicated food.  Gabriel still looks back fondly on these months, spent running the hills, swimming, and climbing rocks with cousins and friends.

A tinkerer from an early age, Gabe also was born with an artistic streak that his scientifically-minded mother sought to foster with supplemental courses.  Many young boys develop a love for starships, and Gabriel was no different.  This was enhanced by his familial connections, as his father’s brother was a Lt. Commander on a Starfleet vessel.  

Unfortunately, the horrors of the Cardassian War struck Gabe’s family as it did countless others - his uncle was lost along with all hands aboard their ship in an attack.  Gabriel’s father was deeply affected by this loss, and withdrew for the most part from his teaching job and concentrated almost full-time on writing.

Top:  Ariadne Arthur, Robert Arthur, Garen Arthur
Bottom:  Anna Arthur, Jim Arthur, Chira Arthur

Out There

Following his completion of secondary schooling, Gabriel enrolled in an internship program on Proxima Centauri, specializing in engineering and using the coffee replicator.  Feeling the need to get out and explore, Gabe started working with his brother Garen aboard his freight ship, the SS Plutonia.
These years showed him other sides of the quadrant, from seedy stations to dive bars on the fringe of Federation law.  Quite frankly, he did not enjoy these years very much.  Though he enjoyed working with his brother and keeping the ship humming, he still felt something lacking.  Freight got moved, but what else was accomplished?  The answer was nothing.  

So Gabriel enlisted in Starfleet.


Gabe enrolled in Starfleet's Enlisted Track in 2370, graduating from the technical school on Mars after finishing a year-long course.  He was then attached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a crewman, making miracles happen across the galaxy and working out of the Sabre-class USS Yeager.

After quickly progressing through enlisted ranks, he was approached with an offer to sit for the application for Officer Candidate School.  After thinking it over, Gabe decided to accept, and was commissioned an Ensign in 2372, much to the chagrin and playful ribbing of his enlistee friends.

USS Discovery

Along with his new commission came a new assignment - an Engineering Officer aboard the Akira-class USS Discovery.  Gabriel was eager to start work aboard such an advanced starship, and the next few years certainly were not boring.  The ship survived the numerous conflicts of the Dominion War relatively intact, though friends were lost.  Quick promotions are a wartime reality, and Gabriel again found himself moving through ranks.


Another thing he found was the completion of his other half, though not where he would have expected it.  While on the Discovery, Gabe drew close to his Chief Engineer, Archangel T'Koris.  Initially it was through her daughter, Seika, since Gabe was chosen to be the precocious little girl's guardian (and babysitter).  Further events brought Gabriel and Archangel together, first as close friends, then confidants, and then as lovers.  The couple has since welcomed a new life into the world - their second daughter, Aria.


Crewman - USS Yeager

Petty Officer (Systems Specialist)

Completion of Officer Candidate School

Ensign/Engineering Officer - USS Discovery

Lieutenant JG/Lieutenant

Lieutenant Commander/Chief Engineer - USS Chin'toka

Lieutenant Commander/Chief Engineer - USS Phoenix
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Arthur, Gabriel
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