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 HELP: Posting and the Mission Format

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PostSubject: HELP: Posting and the Mission Format   Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:45 pm

Aurora Fleet is a mixture of both theme park and sandbox gaming philosophies.  


We have missions that run as ongoing things...these are comparable to Star Trek episodes.  These are structured and planned out by the Command Staff, and you will take part in them like you're a character on a show.  In general, missions are where 'major' character development should take place, or at least the beginnings of it.


Holodecks are side-missions and are often of a more personal nature.  They're called 'holodecks' for lack of a better term, but they certainly don't have to take place in the holodeck, IC-wise.  Examples of this include such character developments like romances, meetings between old friends, training, what have you.  These are considered in-character and canon.

Mission posting should take priority over personal stuff.  Use your best judgement on this, we're not going to breathe down your neck or keep a quota on it.

As far as actual posting style, I'll first quote what Admiral Deacon wrote previously:

Deacon wrote:

Please keep it PG 13.  Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum or you will receive a warning.
The use of the English language is highly encouraged, meaning that we do expect a minimum level of spelling (British or American, we don't mind) and grammar.  We understand that this isn't easy for everyone, but try to make an effort, mkay?

Also, respect your fellow players.  They have feelings too.


This goes for ship classes, character species, weapons, technology, etc...

Everything you need to know can be found at Memory Alpha .

Exception:  For species where little is known about them in the canon universe, Memory Beta can be used and certain elements made up (within reason and, if you do make it up, please keep it consistant!).


Please avoid one line posts on missions.  

Posts must be made in the THIRD PERSON perspective and in the PAST TENSE.

Always be sure to quote the post you're replying to with the 'quote' function.  Another VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember is the usage of Location Tags.  These let everyone know the physical location of your character, and are especially important when a lot of people are posting at once.  It keeps track of where everyone is and reduces confusion.

I hope this clears some things up.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, PM the Admiralty (Stark and Deacon), or ask on the Q&A board.



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HELP: Posting and the Mission Format
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