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 Thompson, Matthew

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Matthew Thompson

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PostSubject: Thompson, Matthew   Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:08 am

Character Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Date of Birth: June 20,2365

Character Family: Chief Security Officer Jonathan Thompson (Father) <> [Cause of Death: Murder] [Date of Death: May 10, 2386] Chief Operations Officier Adriana Thompson (Mother) <> [Cause of Death: Murder] [Date of Death: May 10, 2386] Jack Harriman (Adopted Father) Renée Harriman (Adopted Mother) John Harriman (Adopted Brother)

Character Bio: Matthew was raised into Starfleet with both of his parents working at the academy until he was 8 at which point his parents were framed for the murders of a Vulcan family. From age 8-14 he and his parents lived as nomads on Earth constantly trying to prove their innocence until evidence arose pinpointing their associate Joseph Alden as the murderer. After words they returned to the academy until Matthew’s 14th birthday when his parents were murdered by Alden’s sister who worked in the medical bay his parents were serving on at the time to cover up a string of evidence leading back to Alden’s family. Matthew was taken in by Jack and Renée Harriman. Since then Matthew has looked at John Harriman as an older brother.

At the age of 18 Matthew was kidnapped and tortured by Joseph Alden not escaping until he was 22 at which point he went into hiding for two years dawning a new identity "Nova"

As Nova he served as a bounty hunter, nicknamed "The Shadow Hunter", Nova was said to be able to slip in, grab his target, and get out, with no one even noticing. This skill made him a very valuable bounty hunter even being hired by various branches of Starfleet on 4 occasions. Another notable alias was "[i]Azrael[i]" (pronounced As-ri-el). Azrael was said to be the dark counterpart of Nova, he wore the same leather trench coat as Nova, the only difference in the outfit was instead of a helmet he wore a porcelain mask that looked like a skull with no mouth and no nose. The name stems from the mythological Archangel of Death by the same name. Occasionally the merciless assassin Azrael will show his face when Matthew is enraged.

When John Harriman took a leave-of-absence from Starfleet in 2389 Matthew is seen in public for the first time since 2383. John Harriman then assists Matthew in joining Starfleet.

Security Technologies

Situational Analysis
Mid-Long Range Weapons

IQ: 189

Matthew shows early signs of Parkinson’s Disorder with a very slight trimmer in his left hand.

Matthew can show slight aggression at times due to a very difficult past, he tends to have problems with authority, and he has a fear of doctors and medicines. On top of all of this he also tends to be very impulsive, and while his first plan tends to succeed; occasionally it blows up in his face.

T'ai chi


"Two options exist, either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." -Arthur C. Clarke
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Thompson, Matthew
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