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 Wu, Alexander

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Alexander Wu
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Petty Officer 3rd Class

Completed Plot and Bio Page
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PostSubject: Wu, Alexander   Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:29 pm



Name: Alexander Wu
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 20 Dec 2345
Age: 33
Place of birth: Setlik III Colony


Height: 6'2"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Characteristic elements:



Mother: Natalie Heung (Deceased)
Father: Ryan Wu (Deceased)
Siblings: Susan Wu (Deceased)
Significant others: None
Children: None



Alex was born in a typical colony household in the 24th century alongside his twin sister, Susan, on the harsh outer frontiers of Setlik III. Barely two years of age when the Cardassian attack took place, both his parents were killed instantly during an orbital bombardment, spared, in a way, from the massacre that followed. Found in the rubble of their home days later by a Federation rescue party, they were taken back to Earth.

Yet another blow was dealt when the Child Services Agency began looking for guardians to take the two young children in. Their assigned social worker had hoped that an extended family member would step forward to raise Alex and Susan together. Unfortunately, both their father and mother had come from traditional families, and had married without permission from either side. The social worker had no choice but to separate the twins after a full year of negotiation, with Alex moving to Toronto and their paternal grandparents while Susan was sent to London with their maternal grandmother. For both, living their childhoods apart while knowing that the last real connection to their deceased parents was the other proved difficult. After several attempts with running away, accompanied with plummeting grades at school and disciplinary issues, their grandparents forcibly stopped communications between them. The only contact they had for several years came from meeting at the annual international swim competitions, where they often spent the entire duration together, catching up. Against all odds, the ties between them only grew stronger, and on their 18th birthday, both left their adoptive homes and moved to Vancouver.

Predictably, after so many years apart, they found living together quite a challenge. Both had picked up habits along the years, and it took quite some time before compromises were set. Susan had worked as a lifeguard while in London, and continued with her interest by going to Fraser University for nursing. Alex picked up odd jobs until he settled into a post as a Search and Rescue Swimmer with the Royal Lifeboat Institute. Taking professional development courses throughout, he eventually became a boat coxswain. During a demonstration to visiting dignitaries, it wasn't long before a Starfleet recruiter spoke with Alex and he made the difficult decision to once again leave his home and sister.


Enlisting in Starfleet late 2366, Alex easily passed the physical challenges of Basic Training, but needed to put in extra effort for the academic portion. Due to his previous civilian experience, he selected SAR for specialization training, and graduated from the grueling SERE course after completing the mandatory "Hell Week". In 2367, he received his first assignment as a Flight Control Crewman onboard USS Gibson.

Spending several years on USS Gibson, Alex worked through the ranks and alternated between serving on the Nova Class and Starfleet Academy, improving his academic certifications and maintaining his scope of practice. Serving under multiple Captains, and short stints onboard USS Gettysburg to consolidate his Academy skills, he was soon delegated with the position of both Chief Flight Control Officer and Chief of the Boat onboard USS Gibson, reaching the pinnacle for Non-Commissioned Officers. Shortly after the loss of Gibson, he was transferred to USS Discovery, where he once again took up the posts of Chief Flight and Chief of the Boat.

It was from this precipice that Alex fell, albeit unknown to most of his peers. His sister died on a routine shuttle commute, the cause rapidly apparent as pilot error. Three people lost their lives due to a faulty power relay disabling portions of the emergency transporters, and the Starfleet officer at the helm had neglected to perform the simple check and repair prior to flight. It had taken several others to pull Alex off the officer at the investigation hearing, and he had been subsequently charged with assaulting a superior officer and misconduct. His sentencing took into consideration the nature of the case's situation, and after only a few months, he was transferred out of the Fleet Stockade.

  • Crewman Recruit, NCM Candidate, Starfleet Academy
  • Crewman Apprentice, Flight Specialist Candidate, Starfleet Academy
  • Crewman, SAR (Flight) Candidate, Starfleet Academy
  • Senior Crewman, Flight SAR Crewman, USS Gibson
  • Petty Officer Third Class, Primary Leadership Candidate, Starfleet Academy
  • Petty Officer Second Class, Flight NCO-IC, USS Gibson
  • Petty Officer First Class, Flight SAR Crewman, USS Gettysburg
  • Petty Officer First Class, Intermediate Leadership Candidate, Starfleet Academy
  • Chief Petty Officer, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Gibson
  • Chief Petty Officer, Chief of the Boat, USS Gibson
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer, Flight NCO-IC, USS Gettysburg
  • Master Chief Petty Officer, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Discovery
  • Master Chief Petty Officer, Chief of the Boat, USS Discovery
  • Petty Officer Third Class, Detainee, Starfleet Jaros II Stockade
  • Petty Officer third Class, Operations Specialist, USS Phoenix
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Wu, Alexander
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