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 Ābols, Henriks

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Henriks Ābols
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PostSubject: Ābols, Henriks   Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:19 pm

|Henriks Ābols|


Name: Henriks Ābols
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Stardate 26007.1 (3 January 2349)
Age: 29
Name Day: 12 July
Place of birth: Rīga, Latvija


Height: 5' 11"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Characteristic elements:
His hair is always a bit unruly and won't stay flat no matter what he does. He also has a long scar along the bottom of his lower left arm and another around the same area on his abdomen from a blast during the war that nearly killed him. He kept them to serve as a reminder that he lived while so many others died.



Mother: Ruta (née Trapans); teacher
Father: Kārlis; musician
Siblings: Brother(s): Pauls (twin); posted as a medic to the USS Roosevelt
             Juris (2 years older); chef
             Sister(s): Māra (7 years younger)
            Cousin(s) Markus; deceased; the 3rd Musketeer of the Ābols trio

Significant others: Chira Arthur (wife)
Children: Twins, Kristina and Thomas, and maybe his cat Teodors


Henriks is generally a quiet man who likes to listen. His passion is helping people and saving lives, as well as spending time with his lovely lady, Chira. But don't go poking him with a stick or harming someone he loves just to see what happens.


Henriks was born in early January 2367, followed 57 minutes later by his brother and twin, Pauls. Pauls had been a stubborn baby, not wanting to leave the womb until the doctors finally had to break his sack and coax him along. 57 minutes was an unusual amount of time between births, which Henriks was always fond of pointing out later along the way.

They were born to to Kārlis and Ruta Ābols in the city of Riga, the capital of Latvia. Their father, Kārlis, was a musician who specialized in the piano and cello. There was always the sound of classical music echoing through the Ābols residence, and when the children couldn’t sleep, their father would play a lullaby, usually on the cello, sending them off into a nice, cozy sleep. Their mother, Ruta, taught English to young children at one of the local schools. She loved language, and spoke three all together (Latvian, English, and German). And when the twins were born, their elder brother, Juris, was already two.  He looked out for the two of them, but occasionally he would pick on them, as all big brothers do.

Henriks and Pauls entered school at the age of five. In fact, they attended the very same school that their mom taught at. They were not taught by her, though, because they already knew both English and Latvian. The teachers tried to place the two in separate classes, but they would have none of it. Thick as thieves, the two of them were always found side by side. For the most part, they enjoyed the same subjects, such as orchestra and science. While Henriks excelled at math, Pauls was better at writing.

When the twins were seven, their little sister, Māra, was born. They were jealous of all the attention she got as both the only girl and now being the youngest, and for awhile, they left her alone. But as they all got older, they found some pleasure in their sister’s company. It also became clear that she possessed their father’s knack for instruments, something that they lacked (though they did well enough). She would likely be another musician.

Henriks and Pauls knew that their future didn’t lay within the musical sphere. Instead, they wanted to be doctors, but even more, they wanted to travel all across space. The mere ideas of spaceships thrilled them. The whole family was delighted when they were both accepted into the Academy’s medical program.

When he was enlisted in Starfleet, he was posted to the USS Churchill. There he worked under Lieutenant Clara Oswald, who became like a mother figure to him being so far from loved ones for the first time. The ship exploded on Valentine's Day, of all days, right as he was in the middle of a conversation with his newfound friend, Jiseth. The next ship he was on, the USS Patton, was renamed the Churchill, as was the ship after it when it was mothballed.

Following the explosion of the first Churchill, its crew spent a brief amount of time on a station while waiting for a new ship to be ready. It was there he met his lovely lady. It was also where Oswald left to take up a new assignment.

Stardate 51779.6 (12 October 2374) - Medical Crewman, USS Churchill
Stardate 52138.5 (20 February 2375) - USS Patton (Renamed the Churchill)      
Stardate 52442.7 (11 June 2375) - USS Bellerophon (Renamed Churchill)
Stardate 52596.7 (6 August 2375) - SB Athena

Effective dates of promotion
Full Crewman, USS Churchill - Stardate 51963.2 (18 December 2374)
Petty Officer Third Class, USS Churchill - Stardate 552429.0 (6 June 2375)
Stardate 52596.7 (6 August 2375) - CMO/CPO SB Athena
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Ābols, Henriks
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