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 Crew Roster - SB Athena

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Corman Stark
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Rear Admiral Lower Half

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PostSubject: Crew Roster - SB Athena   Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:29 pm

Nescit Cedere
'He Does Not Know How To Give Up'
Azuchi-class Starbase
UFP Registry NCC-26241

APC:  Active Player Character
ASC:  Administrative Support Character
NPC:  Non-Player Character


ASC Commanding Officer:  Admiral Rachel Deacon (Terran Female)
ASC First Officer:  Rear Admiral Corman Stark (Terran Male)
NPC Second Officer:  Lieutenant Commander Shora sh’Dastos (Andorian Shen)
NPC Command Master Chief:  MCPO Ruul (Tellarite Male)


NPC Chief Flight Control Officer:  Lieutenant Nalaa (Klingon Female)
NPC Flight Control Officer:  Lieutenant (JG) Xora Xail (Trill Female)
NPC Flight Control Officer:  Ensign Andrew Gerrard (Terran Male)


NPC Chief Security/Tactical Officer:  Lieutenant Commander Shora sh’Dastos (Andorian Shen)  
NPC Security/Tactical Officer:  Ensign Mykel Carollos (Centauran Male)
NPC Security/Tactical Officer:  Ensign Li Nalia (Bajoran Female)
APC  Security/Tactical Hologram:   Mira (Hologram)


NPC Chief Engineering Officer:  Lieutenant Maila (Orion Female)
NPC Engineering Officer:  Lieutenant Dwight-Charles (DC) Davis (Terran Male)
NPC Engineering Officer:  Ensign Taen (Bolian Female)
APC Engineering Crewman: PO3 Sigma Nu (Deltan Agender)
NPC Engineering Crewman:  PO 2 Alexi Leonid (Terran Male)

NPC Chief Operations Officer:  Lieutenant Sorol (Vulcan Male)
NPC Operations Officer: Ensign Ensign Ogrim (Ithenite Male)
APC  Operations Officer: Ensign Kristen Young (Human Female)
NPC Operations Crewman:  Senior Crewman Taro (Chelon Male)


NPC Chief Science Officer:  MCPO Ruul (Tellarite Male)
APC  Science Officer: KDF Exchange Officer Lieutenant Raynor Hughes [Klingon/Human Male]
APC Science Officer:  Ensign Myree Grell (Orion Female)
NPC Science Crewman: Crewman Frist Class Glim (Ferengi Male)

APC  Chief Medical Officer: Chief Petty Officer Henriks Abols [Human Male]
APC  Medical Officer:  Ensign Ilana Telak (Cardassian Female)
NPC Medical Officer:  Ensign Maya Stone (Terran Female)
NPC Medical Crewman:  PO2 Cailan (Deltan Male)


APC Freight Runner:  Garen Arthur (Centauran/Terran Male)
APC Freight Runner: Alexander Boone (Terran Male)
APC Bar Owner:  Rama (Ferengi Male)


Click the card for full bio!

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Crew Roster - SB Athena
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