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 Bio for A'Sella M. Es'Starla (Goodbody)

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A'Della M. Es'Starla

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PostSubject: Bio for A'Sella M. Es'Starla (Goodbody)   Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:45 pm

|A'Della Minuet Es'Starla  Goodbody |


Name:  A'Della Minuet Es'Starla - Goodbody
Species: Orion/Vulcan  : She is from the farthest side of Orion space her skin tone is purple.
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:
Age: 20
Place of birth:  The Orion Merchant Vessel S'Khela


Height: 5' 9"
Eyes: A pale purple blue
Hair: Purple with lite purple highlights very long.
Characteristic elements:     Purple skin, purple hair, pointed ears, highly intelligent, top of her class in lower school and University.

General:  University
Starfleet Academy, Medicine.  Orion Arts, Asso, Medicine and Dance, Theatre music....

Skills and Abilities
Medical Doctor, or an Assistant Medical Officer, Medical Doctor
General Medicine


Mother:  Anda Es'Starla  deceased
Father:    Eathar Es'Starla deceased
Siblings: Aah'senductra Es'Starla
Significant others:  None
Children: None


Friendly, easy going, works well with others.


Goodbody, worked as a dancer to put herself through school.  She graduated from Orion Arts University with a degree in Medicine, then went on to Star fleet Academy to get her complete degree.    She worked as a Intern for morgue, and also did a semester in the Music department with the SFA band and orchestra.

She had a very hard life without parents, but she survived and made ends meet.  Her family left her a very good trust fund.

She also is a chair member on the board of the Foundation for young orphaned girls, they have a scholarship program for talented young women who cannot afford to attend private universities, Music, dance, theatre and Bachelors of Medical and Science are just some of the scholarships they provide.


Medical Doctor, or an Assistant Medical Officer, Medical Doctor
General Medicine
Dancer, Bar Tender.  Owned her own club until the Orion Syndicate took it.
Weight lifter
Assistant at SFA Morgue, Forensic assistant, Music assistant.
First Starfleet Assignment: Starfleet Medical Aide to Chief of Medicine. Three years.
First ship:  She did a six month internship on the USS Equinox in the Medical Department, and also served as Intern to the Moral Officer, in the officers pub.
*Head Dancer and Bar Tender for Orion Officer on The USS Tango.  One year.  After that she entered Starfleet  Academy.
Other talents,  Juggling drinks, Fusion dancer, Belly dancer.  Chef.  She has a way about her.   She owned her own club,  The Purple Amazon but the Orion Syndicate took it from her after her parents were killed in a ship accident.
She worked as a Intern at StarFleet Medical assisting the Dean of forensics, and she worked at the 602 Club to earn extra money while in SFA.
She worked as the Assistant to the Dean of Music at SFA for two years.
She has worked at Clubs and Cruise Starships as a singer, medical Officer, and dancer.

Current Assignment: USS Phoenix

*Note she is Orion, the Purple type you get a tiny glimpse of a Purple Orion on TOS Journey to Babel.

"Live laugh love!"

"Live laugh love!"

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Bio for A'Sella M. Es'Starla (Goodbody)
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