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 Sanek (Rangner)

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Petty Officer 3rd Class

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PostSubject: Sanek (Rangner)   Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:00 pm



Name: Sanek
Species: Vulcan / Betazoid
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 16 November, 2358 or Stardate 37067.5
Age: 20
Place of birth: ShiKahr, Vulcan


Height: 171cm
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Characteristic elements: Standard Vulcan hairstyle and pale skin. Double Eyebrows- one Betazoid and one Vulcan (so, 4 in total). Pointed ears, but less so than most Vulcans.



Mother: Kestra Rangner
Father: Surik
Siblings: None
Significant others: None yet
Children: None

Sanek is very calm, and is often a relaxing force in a chaotic environment, since he does not show emotion, but he experiences them. As a Betazoid, he is able to be somewhat empathic, though he lacks the depth of a pure Betazoid. He is very aware of his own emotions, and the emotions of others. As a Vulcan, though, he conceals his emotions (but sometimes unfortunately lets them show through), which contributes to his calmness. He is committed to allowing logic to help his decisions, but it does not control them. He is a deep thinker, and often found silently "finding himself." He has a subtle, yet existant sense of humor that is mostly comprised of witty puns. He is interested in computer technology (especially graphic design), philosophy, linguistics and ancient vexillology. He can sometimes be found playing chess. Growing up in a suburb of Vulcan's capital, he adopted many of the Vulcan traditions, including being entirely vegan. When he speaks, he has a calm, firm, tone that is not robotic sounding (at least, less robotic than other Vulcans).  He is naturally introverted, but has a tight-knit group of friends. His goal in life is to make a positive difference in the universe.

Grew up in a suburb of ShiKahr. His father, Surik, is a Vulcan, and his mother, Kestra, is a Betazoid. He was made fun of as a child, since he was able to detect what other Vulcans felt, despite their concealing of emotion. Throughout the years, however, he realized that he did not have to express emotion to experience emotion, and even made decisions based on intuition. He learned to embrace emotion and logic, which was advice given to him by a human named Rigel. Taking advice from a human was both logical and intuitional: humans have spread around their planet and beyond at an incredible rate. So, if a human is offering advice, it is logical to take it (If it worked for him, it is more likely to work for me). Sanek had to go through the Pon Farr, and his Betazoid half made the emotions even stronger. Other than that, he was like most other Vulcans, except that he looked different and that his decisions might be made by a combination of intuition and logic, rather than logic alone.

He joined Starfleet Academy when he was 18 (in 2376), and did very well in most areas, but the actual training was the hardest part for him; he is more of a philosopher than a fighter. Last year, he did all of the hands-on activities that aren't reproducible in a holodeck, and will finish his lessons (OOC: similar to how Wesley goes to school on the Enterprise) while receiving real-life experience.

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Sanek (Rangner)
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