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 Rellek, Julia

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Julia Rellek
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PostSubject: Rellek, Julia   Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:01 pm

|Julia Marie Rellek|


Name: Julia Marie Rellek
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 07/29/2352
Age: 26
Place of birth: New Seattle, Earth


Height: 5'7"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red



Mother: Marie Danielle Rellek, Lieutenant
Father: Douglas Michael Rellek, Vice Admiral
Siblings: N/A
Significant others: N/A
Children: N/A

Julia has a curious mind that is hard-wired for a career in the sciences. She possesses a drive to know and understand the universe around her. Because of this it took her an additional year to graduate the academy she was allowed to stay on one year so she could take additional advanced science courses. Her passion has always been theoretical physics and cosmology. Julia has always been a risk taker. One instance while on a geology expedition with while in the academy a small team was sent to collect samples from the rim of a volcano on a type M planet in the Gregon System. Without warning, the volcano began to destabilize. The teams were ordered to return to the transport site to be evacuated from the planet immediately. Julia believed the research to be important and she was close to finished collecting the needed samples. She delayed her return to the transport site and the supporting Runabout was required to fly into the chamber to get a transport lock. A reprimand for disobeying a direct order was placed in her file. Julia has become more cautious since that incident however, it will be important for any Commanding Officer to keep this in check.


Julia grew up the daughter of two Starfleet officers. Her father spent almost in entire career stationed on earth while her mother went through a string of deep space assignments. Julia lived on Earth with her father while her mother was on assignment. Her mother made it a point to get home at least once a year. Julia's mother served as the chief science officer on the USS Jackson. Julia's mother died when Julia was ten. Her mother was found dead in her quarters. The problem was later traced to a radiation leak that the sensors fail to pick up. At the time the sensors were offline for routine maintenance.

After the death of her mother Julia and her father, Douglas, grew closer then ever. He held high standards for his daughter and she always found a way to meet them. He encouraged her to question everything. Go find the answers you don't have. Douglas spent his entire career on earth. Starting as a practicing physician and then making his way into research and education at Starfleet Academy. While doing research at Starfleet Command he made several medical breakthroughs the earned him multiple awards and commendations. He quickly rose through the ranks and was appointed Head of Starfleet Medical in 2368. In 2370 Douglas joined a diplomatic mission on Deep Space 9. His goal was to assess the Medical needs of Bajor post occupation. While on Deep Space 9 he was assassinated. A Bajoran extremist group known as The Circle took credit for the assignation.

The year following her Father's death Julia entered Starfleet Academy with a goal of studying the sciences. She quickly rose to the ranks of the highest performers at the academy. While at the academy she completed all of the required coursework and given her unassuming appearance everyone was quite surprised when she completed combat training near the top. She is well trained in hand-to-hand combat and even made it a point to take the advanced courses. But her passion remained in the sciences. She took high level courses and is well versed in;

Warp Theory
Theoretical Physics
Experimental Physics
Nano Technology
Stellar Phenomena and Cartography
Xeno Biology

Her strongest results and passion were in Theoretical Physics and Cosmology. While at the academy she spent several months working on projects that were trying to identify the possible energy sources for The Big Bang.

She graduated 4th in her class with honors from Starfleet Academy in 2375.


Internship / Vulcan Science Academy -  2374
Internship (Cosmology) / G7 Deep Space Research Station - 2375
Research Assistant - Jupiter Station (Ensign)
Science Officer - G5 Research Station (Ensign)
Science Officer - USS Phoenix (Ensign)
Chief Science Officer - USS Phoenix (Lieutenant JG)
Second Officer (CSO) - USS Phoenix (Lieutenant)
Executive Officer - USS Phoenix (Lieutenant Commander)

UFP Young Scientist - 2370
Cadet Sub-Commander - 2373
Vulcan Science Prize - 2374
UFP Commendation (Cosmology) - 2375
Daystrom Institute Commendation (Theoretical Physics) - 2376


"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
— Dr. Carl Sagan
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Rellek, Julia
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