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PostSubject: Kintiss   Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:56 pm



Name: Kintiss
Species: Selay
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 12, 2352
Age: 26


Height: 6’5”
Eyes: Black
Hair: N/A
Characteristic elements: Snake-like features (forked tongue, fangs, scaly green skin), as is customary to the Selay. Hands only have three digits with short claws at the ends.

As the customs of his own people dictate, Kintiss never truly had a close family. He never knew his father by name or by face, so he and his many siblings were nurtured by their mother. When they reached adolescence, their mother abandoned them too, and they were forced to make their own way in the worlds.

While his brothers and sisters were more than able to carve a life out on their homeworld, Kintiss had other ideas. He longed to get off-world and join Starfleet, like many others of his kind had done. In the meantime, he began working as an errand boy for a local clinic, which was his first exposure to the world of medicine.

Eventually, he left Selay to head to Earth, where he enrolled in Starfleet Academy. He was eager to learn and interact with other students. Previously, he had never left Selay, and his interaction with non-Selay life-forms had been limited to the occasional Antican that stumbled into the clinic. He made friends with a number of students, and proudly graduated a few years later.

His first couple of assignments blended together for him. He spent a few years on the science vessel Ducreaux, then was posted to the medical staff on Starbase 212. His third assignment, the Meclanti, marked a turning point.

The Meclanti itself was a Centaur-class ship, so it had a decent armament. Yet, when it came under fire from Dominion forces, it was severely damaged and forced to make a crash-landing on the nearest planet. Kintiss almost didn’t make it out alive, and lost a number of very precious possessions. The crew were eventually rescued and reassigned. Kintiss went to serve on board the USS Gygax until its decommissioning in 2377. Not long afterwards, he received a new assignment...

Previous Assignments
USS Ducreaux
Starbase 212
USS Meclanti
USS Gygax

Enlisted or Officer?: Officer
Department preference 1: Medical
Department Preference 2: Science

Sample Post

You have arrived at your newest assignment...

As Kintiss stepped out of the shuttlecraft, he kept the container holding all his things close to him. He hadn’t taken much with him, mainly because of the Meclanti’s crash destroying a lot of his possessions. All he kept with him was a spare uniform and a PADD encoded with a few Terran novels, so he didn’t get bored on the journey across.

“’scuse me.” A muffled voice from behind him spoke up. Kintiss looked back briefly and saw another Ensign in a red uniform waiting behind him.

“Sssorry.” Kintiss stepped aside and let the Ensign leave the shuttlecraft. He followed the Ensign toward the nearest turbolift. It wasn’t long before he realised he hadn’t eaten in a while, and he was starting to get hungry. He chose to ignore his instincts for now. He’d waited long enough already. What would a few more minutes hurt?

Behind the Mask

Have you done textbased RP before?: Yep, for quite a few years (I never bothered counting)

How did you find Aurora?: Through the magic of RPG Directory

Additional notes about yourself or your character?: I based this character on a character I played in a successful game of the Star Trek tabletop RPG. There’s a lot of stories I can tell about that game.
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PostSubject: Re: Kintiss   Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:07 am

Welcome to Aurora Fleet!

After reading your application, I'm delighted to be able to offer you the position of Medical Officer on the USS Phoenix, with the starting rank of Ensign.

The Phoenix's current mission is due to start up again today after an unfortunate pause. Please let either the captain, Archangel T'Koris, or the first officer, Gabriel Arthur, if you would like to be tagged in to the mission, or feel free to just post and let someone respond to it.

Once again, welcome to the Fleet! I look forward to seeing you around.


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