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 The Foundation (Augments - Star Trek)

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PostSubject: The Foundation (Augments - Star Trek)   Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:52 pm


It is the 1950s, World War II is over an in its wake remains many war orphans across the globe. Two years after the war, The Cold War between the Western and Eastern block of power is on the rise, causing yet more chaos and tension. But under the veil of all the events that had happened, there was a secret race that was to change the world forever: The Creation of the Augments.

Started in India by several scientists including the foreign scientist from Britain: Alexander Singh, the breakthrough was made when the serum was first tested on his own son Noonien, and became a remarkable success. Though it killed more test subjects then it made, slowly little by little the program expanded across the globe. It took years of research, but the longer they took, the more stable the more recent batches of Augments became, however, one thing did not waver within them: Ambition.

Khan's Augments were the first to cause an up rise and in the process slay their human overseers, and from there things just spiraled out of control. In a matter of a few months, most of the Earth had been ceased by various Augment rulers, though pockets of human rebels still remained world wide.

This is the AU story of the rise of the Augments and the fall of the human empire as we knew it.

Bonus donuts to people who consider joining: Khan Noonien Singh (please speak to an admin about this priorly in cbox), Simon Zeta, Any humans (rebels or servants) or The King of Great Britain (see wanted ads for this one, specific face claim preferred)
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The Foundation (Augments - Star Trek)
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