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 Kristen Young

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Kristen Young

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PostSubject: Kristen Young   Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:03 pm

Kristen was in her quarters beginning to settle in. Unpacking seemed to be a trip down memory lane for the young Ensign. She slowly unpacked artifacts from her travels throughout space with her parents. She moved through the space holding her Ferengi Devine Treasury idol that she picked up on Feranginar in her early teens. As she attempted to locate an appealing location she began her log.

Personal Log, Ensign Kristen Young.

I arrived on the station earlier today for my first posting following graduation. As the second in my class I had my choice of assignments. I couldn't get far enough away from earth fast enough. After spending 19 years aboard starships Earth felt like a prison. It feels good to be back in space. I feel like I'm at home again. I have been told there is a Ferengi Bar here. I'll have to make sure to check that out today. Its been years since I played a challenging game of Tango. I have been posted here as on operations officer. I am excited to help the Admiral run a bustling station. The reports I read have showed a sharp increase in civilian traffic. This should pose some fun challenges.

She set the religious icon on a table and noticed the time. Better get to ops. She thought to herself.

Computer, end log.

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Kristen Young
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