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PostSubject: Jiseth   Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:49 am



Name: Jiseth
Species: Romulan/Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: August 13, 2351
Age: 24
Place of birth: Unknown


Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Characteristic elements: Keeps her hair in a braided ponytail while in uniform.

General: Tall and thin, normally dressed in formal attire. Wears aviator sunglasses and occasionally can be seen with a cigar or glass of Romulan ale in hand.


Mother: Verelan N'rita Pretsoenu (Romulan); Nurse
Father: Tomas Pretsoenu (Human); Civilian Transport Captain/Pilot
Brother: Kor'rath Pretsoenu (Human/Klingon); Chef/Smuggler
Brother: Jaeimes Pretsoenu (Human/Romulan); Student (Biology)
Sister: Saeihra Pretsoenu (Human/Romulan); Student (Journalism)
Significant other: Alpha 01419, "Zero Alpha"
Children: None


Laconic, often curt, Jiseth gives little regard for the personal opinions of others in regards to most things; gleefully enjoys obliterating their perceptions. Periodically she is prone to bouts of anger, sometimes quite comical, there are ones of sadness as well. Often finds herself conflicted with her choices, but only in such a way to create a more positive outcome in the future. As she is usually a quiet individual, some confuse this for modesty, though can be seen as arrogant or narcissistic.


As the threat posed by the Dominion emerged and the Romulan Empire began drafting millions to the war effort, a young woman was among them. Name and age were all that was particularly cared about. They were bodies. The bricks that the empire was built upon. Their pasts made little difference as their fates were seen as already sealed.

Jiseth considers that to be the start of her life, just prior to joining the Romulan imperial fleet. She was immediately taken up by a distant relative, Commander Toreth, aboard her warbird the Khazara as a helmsman. She would spend the next four years at this post, honing her skills in both the might D'deridex and fighter craft.

Despite her age, she was promoted with the blessing of her great aunt to the service of Senator Letant prior to the First Battle of Chin'toka. There she witnessed the full brutality of fleet combat compared to the skirmishes of her previous experience. The number of ships and lives lost for a single paltry victory staggered her mind, but solidified her resolve in her duty.

When the Romulan flank began to collapse during the Battle of Cardassia, Jiseth was not among those to die as fires consumed their warbirds because of a failing outside their control. Yet their meager victory became an epitome for the propaganda to latch onto as a great event to be celebrated. Irony of that sort was in no short supply in the Romulan Empire.

While the Alpha and Beta Quadrants grew drunk on the good will of their mutual success against a hardened foe, Jiseth took the opportunity to join an officer exchange program with the Federation. Following exemplary performance on her officer evaluations, she was made Lieutenant Junior Grade. Shortly after, she met the still-cadet Zero Alpha on Earth and the two quickly bonded.

So much was her love and admiration for the Augment that she studied Federation law to find a way to grant Zero her citizenship. She even made sure they would be serving aboard the same vessel, the Churchill. Now together on the Phoenix, Jiseth hopes to remain in the Federation to help heal the hundreds of suffering worlds in the wake of the Dominion War.

IRW Khazara (Sublieutenant)
Senator Letant's Warbird (Subcommander)
USS Churchill (Lieutenant JG)
USS Phoenix (Lieutenant)
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