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 Arthur, Garen

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Garen Arthur

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PostSubject: Arthur, Garen   Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:53 pm



Name:  Garen James Arthur
Species:  Terran/Centauran
Gender:  Male
Date of Birth:  July 6, 2348
Age:  30
Place of birth:  Centaurus Prime


Height:  6'0" (182 cm)
Eyes:  Bluish-Green
Hair:  Blonde
Characteristic elements:  Lean and quick, with a swagger and winning grin.



Mother:  Ariadne Arthur
Father:  Robert Arthur
Siblings:  Gabriel Arthur and Chira Abols
Significant others:


Garen Arthur is one that has always tried to get by with the most reward for as little effort as possible.  He wasn't raised that way, but it's how he turned out.  Garen is not lazy, nor does he lack for some point, though, he became enamored with more basal pursuits like casual sex and not-so-casual latinum.  

His sister, Chira, would like to remind readers that things like 'middle child syndrome' are little more than pop, armchair psychology.  However, if such a thing existed, he would certainly suffer from it.  Although he loves his siblings, and doesn't begrudge them their Starfleet careers or social standing, he is more apt to view it through the lens of the cynic.  There is also very little love lost between Garen and his sister-in-law, Captain Archangel T'Koris.


The middle child of three, Garen Arthur was born to Robert and Ariadne Arthur on Centaurus Prime.  His older sister is Chira Arthur (now Abols), and he has a younger brother named Gabriel.  Although Garen got along well enough with his siblings, he often found himself feeling on the outside looking in.  Gabriel and Chira were closer to each other than they were to him.

Nevertheless, Garen's childhood was a full and happy one, even if he did tend to get in trouble more than the other two.  The Arthur children spent most of their time growing up on both Centaurus, and Earth.  

The end of adolescence found Garen feeling even more marginalized as Chira and Gabriel went off to live their own lives, gathering educational degrees and accolades.  Garen served a brief stint in the Merchant Marine Corps, and found himself with was a surplus freighter ship won in a game of high-stakes tongo.  Garen quickly re-named the ship to the Plutonia, and put most of his first few years worth of profit into upgrading the systems.  Unfortunately, this caused several hardware inconsistencies, exacerbating the need for a real engineer.  Fortunately, Garen knew one recently graduated from the University of Virginia...his baby brother, Gabriel.

The Arthur brothers, Garen and Gabriel, working together

Garen and Gabriel worked together on the Plutonia for a few years, with Garen taking care of their freight contracts while Gabriel quietly looked the other way at his brother's less-than-legal side business of running contraband.  The brothers split amicably after a while, with Gabriel enlisting in Starfleet.

The conflagration of the Dominion War did not leave Garen untouched, even though he was smart enough to keep his ass out of the fire.  Not that Garen didn't have a patriotic streak like any good Federation citizen...several of his contracts included running weapons for outlying colonies for their own defense.

These days, he finds himself keeping to the edges of Federation space.  The new world forged by the war is a dangerous one, but it could also be profitable.  It is not entirely by choice that Garen tends to stay close to the Starbase Athena.  Angering the Orion Syndicate tends to change one's outlook on most things.


Master and Commander, SS Plutonia


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Arthur, Garen
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