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 Kahlandra Aneamu: Reporting For Duty

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Kahlandra Aneamu

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PostSubject: Kahlandra Aneamu: Reporting For Duty   Sat May 02, 2015 10:35 am

| Kahlandra Aneamu|


Name:  Kahlandra Aneamu
Species:  Betazoid
Gender:  Female
Date of Birth: December 6th, 2355 Stardate: 34360.82
Age:  23


Height:  6’ 1”
Eyes:  Royal Blue
Hair:  Deep Red
Tone:  Celtic Fair

Characteristic elements:  Kahlandra is a young woman who has a deep sense of right and wrong.  While normally quiet; Kahlandra can be extremely vocal about things when her sense of morality is crossed.  Helping others is her gift….be it through counseling or medical attention doesn’t much matter to her.  Though she chose to be in Starfleet Medical; Kahlandra has a great talent for listening to people’s problems…and even helping them.  Some of this comes from her being a rather good empath and telepath, but most of it comes from her just being understanding and easy to talk to.  Kahlandra does not like violence, but unlike most Betazoids, which are pacifists; Kahlandra will actually kill…if necessary.  She doesn’t mind taking the initiative…perhaps a bit too much at times, and especially true if she believes she is right while others bother with the more diplomatic side of problems of right and wrong.   Romance is not something Kahlandra has personally experienced…even though her culture is very deeply attuned to the idea.  For Kahlandra, her own passion remains locked away in the one area she is shy in…her personal life outside of work.


Kahlandra was born on Betazed near the Jalara Jungle in a rather nice cottage to Alendra and Tillon Aneamu.  Neither of her parents were members of Starfleet, but they were strong supporters of the Federation.  Tillon worked at the Federation Embassy on Betazed as a diplomatic aide and counselor; while her mother taught medicine at the university.  Nothing really happened to change Kahlandra’s life for the better or for the worse until a Sindareen raid took place when she was only fourteen.  She had been with her mother visiting at the university when the attack happened, and had not been caught in the attack.  However, the medical facilities at the university soon had to be opened up after the hospital had been damaged in the raid.  Kahlandra bravely helped her mother in dealing with the patients that came in…some of the from those of Starfleet based there to protect the citizens.  As she worked with her mother, Kahlandra noted a man in a Starfleet teal uniform also helping those wounded in the savage attack.  Seeing the Vulcan working beside her very emotional people to save them made her want to do the same for others beyond her world.

That was the day Kahlandra decided she wanted to join Starfleet, and from that day until she joined the Academy at the age of seventeen…she studied under her mother diligently and passionately.  Perhaps it was from this aspect of her life that caused Kahlandra to never really have a romance of any kind.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want one, but her focus was indeed on making herself ready to help those in need.  To enter Starfleet was no easy thing…to enter Starfleet Medical was even harder.  In this time period, Kahlandra sharpened her empathic and telepathic abilities…learning to use both in order to sooth patients, and to better understand their conditions.  It was something she had to be careful of though, because in touching the mind of wounded or sick person to help determine the problem; she had to also shield her own mind from the pain.  Being a very caring person; this was rather difficult to do.  She continued to experiment on feeling her patients’ needs though her telepathy and empathy even through Starfleet Academy.

Kahlandra worked hard on her studies at the Academy, but was devastated to learn in 2374 that both her mother and father were slain in the surprise attack by Dominion forces on her homeworld.  Their deaths made Kahlandra even quieter in her personal life, but even more determined to help others.  With the Dominion War going on; Kahlandra found herself immersed in plenty of practical experience from those Starfleet personnel coming to Earth from one battle after another….those that survived at least.   More of that experience was to come first hand after the Breen attacked Earth, bombed San Francisco, and damaged Starfleet Headquarters.  For several weeks; Kahlandra got almost no rest as she went from one patient to the next…helping as much as she could.  During this time, she was field promoted to Ensign for her actions during this catastrophe…her gift at finding the source of her patients’ needs being a great help to the medical teams on hand.  Kahlandra also did whatever she could to ease the trauma her people experienced by listening to them, and counseling them…having majored in psychology as part of her studies in the Academy.  More than a few Starfleet and civilians were soothed by her compassionate and insightful counsel.

Kahlandra graduated from Starfleet Medical in 2377, and finally had the chance to return home for leave.  Though the Dominion War had been over for nearly two years by this point; Kahlandra found them still rebuilding on her world when she came to pay her respects to her dead parents.  She only stayed a week at the Federation Embassy…her home having been obliterated in the attack.  When she finally returned to Earth; Kahlandra was assigned to the medical staff at Utopia Plantia Yards, Mars as a nurse.  Nothing really happened during her tenor there to make her shine.  It was, for the most part, a very dull post.  From time to time she would be needed for a crew member getting sick, or playing a holo-sport too roughly, or some injury from the work crews.  Still, Kahlandra worked hard on each new patient, and used this time to further develop her sense of the problems her patients were experiencing.  By the end of her time there, Starfleet transferred her to the USS PHOENIX under Captain Archangel T’Koris…believing her talents wasted in such a minor medically needed area as the shipyards.  


Enlisted or Officer?:  Officer
Department preference 1:  Starfleet Medical
Department Preference 2:  Counselor

Behind the Mask

Have you done textbased RP before?:  Oh, yes…quite a bit.  Currently play on here as Lt. Commander Andrew Sheridan.

How did you find Aurora?:  Actually, I believe you all found me!

Additional notes about yourself or your character?:  The gift Alhandra has to focus her empathic and telepathic abilities and sense the condition of her patients is a theory I have been thinking on based on the Vulcan ability to assess their own condition.  Since the mind is able to note the problems within the body; a scan from a Betazoid’s mind might be very beneficial.  This is not an attempt at making her more powerful than others, but simply to do two things:  make her unique among other Betazoids, and to test a theory.
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Rachel Deacon
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PostSubject: Re: Kahlandra Aneamu: Reporting For Duty   Sat May 02, 2015 10:48 am

Welcome back to Aurora Fleet!

I'm delighted to be able to offer you the post of Counsellor on the USS Phoenix with the starting rank of Ensign.

I wish you good luck with your new assignment. You might find that you've bitten off more than you can chew given the crew you'll be working with...


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Kahlandra Aneamu: Reporting For Duty
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