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 Reyaen 3

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Reyaen 3

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PostSubject: Reyaen 3    Wed May 06, 2015 7:39 pm

|Reyaen 3|


Name: Reyaen
Species: Vorta
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: November 7, 2372
Age: 5


Height: 5'10
Eyes: Indigo/violet
Hair: Dark Brown
Characteristic elements: She has little to no sense of aesthetics and usually wears the same set of clothing: pale magenta top with black skirt and boots. She also never removes her gold pendant.


The first of the Reyaen line was a field supervisor aboard the Jem'Hadar fighter Unit 32714 which patrolled the sectors near the Chamra Vortex. Their long periods of isolation lead to a hobby of Reyaens in which she created psychographic profiles of all her Jem'Hadar to address areas of weakness and forge a better fighting force.

In 2369, she was killed during an encounter with a Klingon Bird of Prey in the Torad system. After beaming over onto its bridge and jumping in front of a knife aimed at her First, Lugere'Rex, the two returned to their ship as the Klingons fled and the Vorta died shortly thereafter. This act would allow her First, who was 19 at the time, to live to be an honored elder.

With the arrival of Reyaen 2, Unit 32714 was reassigned to patrol beyond the Lantar Nebula. Now near the galactic frontier and far from the escalating situation regarding the discovery of the wormhole that crossed the galaxy, she saw her current patrols and scouting as punishment. Even so, Reyaen would conduct her missions and report back without fault for several years. As her operational range had become limited by how much ketracel white she could keep on board, Reyaen had set up several small depots of supplies. On these planets she also planted seeds for the trees and bushes that would grow kava nuts and rippleberries.

The closing of 2372 would also mark the end for the cloned Vorta. During an unexpected encounter with another Jem'Hadar fighter while searching for whoever looted one of her depots, Reyaen was gunned down by members of the rogue crew while her own rushed back to their base with report of what had occurred. Waiting for them would be the third Reyaen who took some comfort several weeks later when the rogue Jem'Hadar were routed on Vandros IV.

Having been unable to prevent the deaths of two previous commanders, Lugere'Rex vowed to this incarnation that she would not die before him. Their return to their usual patrols and combat exercises was interrupted by the call to join one of the fleets pushing through the wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant. In 2373, Unit 32714 was dispatched to provide reconnaissance on the fringes of Dominion-allied space.

With the outbreak of war, the Romulan Neutral Zone had become Reyaen's playground. Still operating as a lone wolf, her ship would strike supply convoys with near impunity if they were without escort and would often harass larger Federation and Klingon ships that traveled by themselves. Phased polaron beam shots were usually aimed at the warp nacelles so that a larger force could collect prisoners or deliver the coup de gras on the stricken prey. The fighter was given a nickname, Scar, by those in the region for the burn mark from a K'tinga's disruptor beam that just barely missed the dorsal side of the port bow.  

Unit 32714 would still operate along the Neutral Zone after the Romulans joined the war in 2374, but this was short-lived. The Federation had adapted their shielding the year prior which made their solo mission significantly more difficult and the amount of kills dropped sharply. In order to destroy a larger vessel without casualties, Reyaen and her Jem'Hadar would have to resort to hiding their fighter near a planet or star and hope that the target vessel would come within range to beam a photon torpedo into the engineering section of the opposing vessel as their shields were still unable to prevent Dominion transporters from getting through.

While this tactic worked to destroy the Miranda-class USS Shinshu Maru, Reyaen was ultimately brought down by the USS de Gaulle, commanded by Captain Wryva Holt, on Draken IV. Damaged and disabled, the Vorta's only solace was that in the lack of casualties among her Jem'Hadar. As they formulated a plan to hijack the Constellation-class ship and use it to escape to Dominion lines by focusing only on the repair of their transporters. Holt had other plans. Before they could complete their task, the crew was beamed up and returned several hundred meters from their ship into a crater. A few seconds later, Unit 32714 was hit with a phaser blast from orbit and wrecked.

Holt herself beamed down with her troops around the rim of the crater and had Reyaen surrounded and outgunned. Without a chance of reinforcement, their ship and ketracel-white destroyed, and now facing a firing line of their enemy hell-bent on avenging their comrades, the Vorta called her Jem'Hadar to drop their weapons. One by one she shot them with her plasma pistol to deny the Federation their prize. The sight of this Holt could not believe. When only Reyaen and Lugere'Rex remained, the latter pulled the Klingon dagger from his belt that had been used to kill the first Reyaen, feeling that it was proper as he would have to break his promise and die before she would. Once he fell, Reyaen was prepared to activate her termination implant when she was shot by a phaser blast on stun.

Awaking in the brig of the de Gaulle, Reyaen found that her termination implant had been removed and lay on the floor in the center of the small confined room. From here should be transferred to various ships and installations. She would be asked the same questions and she would give the same answers. One thought kept resurfacing over and over. The Founders were outmatched by the gods the Bajorans worship. The Prophets had made an entire fleet disappear and changed the outcome of the war. Ever since that event, the Dominion was simply stalling the inevitable. True billions suffered, but was that not the nature of a god? To see a grander picture? When she arrived at a maximum security facility, Reyaen was not surprised to see another Vorta there, Yelgrun.

The two were under constant observation and a highly regimented daily routine, but they were allowed to form some modest friendship when not being interrogated. Ultimately, Reyaen would choose to cooperate as much as possible to create value for herself in the minds of their captors. She knew that there would be a fourth of her line still serving the Dominion and perhaps many more. The Founders still had their servant and the option between life and an unceremonious, ignoble death was an easy one. The lone wolf had already made many ugly choices in the past to survive.

For the rest of the war she would provide insight into the mechanics of Jem'Hadar technology, valuable in and of itself, but what kept her from being returned to the Dominion was her ability to remember what she saw in passing aboard the various Starfleet vessels she was transported on. She knew what could be improved upon, made more efficient. The key to her own success had been the technology that increased her situational awareness compared to having several voices trying to yell at once on a bridge.

Seeing the greater need to rebuild and adapt the Federation, Reyaen was released from prison and spent two years researching and testing compatibility between equipment used by the warring powers. Though she is still closely monitored, the Vorta had little qualms about her life-sentence in the service of Starfleet. She had been created by gods that could have any form they wished, but perhaps so could these Prophets who lived in a realm beyond what she could physically feel and touch. A realm that mere mortals called a wormhole. Reyaen 3 vowed she would spend the rest of her life to redeem herself in the eyes of greater, more powerful gods.


Field Supervisor (2372)
Taken Prisoner (2374)
Federation Informant (2374)
Technology Integration Specialist (2376)

Enlisted or Officer?: Officer
Department preference 1: Operations
Department Preference 2: Engineering

Sample Post

Reyaen sat across from Yelgrun as their showdown continued. She had a nearly eidetic memory, but for all the times they had played this strange Human game her opponent had never stuck to the same strategy twice. For all her ability to see into the past, the future was a frontier. Still quite unknown. Perhaps as her gods had intended.

A Knight takes a Bishop and then is in turn taken by the remaining Rook. The war for both of them was over. They had only this game and a few others while in this Federation purgatory. Neither still had their termination implant. Neither enjoyed the thought of being returned to the Dominion only to be disposed of in a far less dignified fashion. For now, they had this game. And the unknown amount of time till the inevitable. The irony was not lost on Yelgrun who quipped that Keevan's fate had already been sealed. Queen takes Rook.

"Do you ever wonder about their offer?"

"They've gotten into your head. Their... mindmelds."

"Listen, Yelgrun! Even before they brought me here, I knew! Our gods? They can take any form they wish, but can they make almost 3000 ships just vanish in the blink of an eye? When that happened and the Federation took Deep Space Nine, I knew we were going to lose this war."

"Reports come in every day of mass casualties and Dominion victories. I can hear them talking about it from my bunk."

"Because we're trapped here. Not us specifically, I mean everyone else. The Alpha Quadrant will be set ablaze because it's the only thing they can do to make the Federation think they don't have a chance to defeat the Dominion, but that power? Those Prophets in that wormhole? How can we ever keep a foothold here? Maybe we should come to terms with the fact that their gods might actually be gods."

"Maybe I should ask to be put in solitary confinement because it'll be more peaceful than your babbling."

"I'm serious! We've already been replaced. Why don't we just-"

"I won't hear another word of it! Keevan did the same thing and they still were willing to give him back to the Dominion. There's nothing we can tell them that will make them do anything other than that. Maybe you should come to terms with the fact that one way or the other this war will end and neither of us will survive too long afterward. Or maybe you're just too defective to see that."

Twiddling her pendant between her index fingers and thumbs, Reyaen blinked several times as she returned from her daydream. Years had gone by since then. She looked out the viewport next to her, the stars streaking by. This Vorta was aboard the runabout USS Anacostia while the one from her chess game was... At very least he was kept alive in memory. She had no idea if he remained a prisoner or if he was returned and executed. All she knew was that she would never see the only other of her kind she had encountered since her capture again.

Indigo eyes descended to the handcuffs that bound her wrists. They prevented her the freedom of motion to allow her hands to massage the sore area at the base of her neck where the tracking device had been implanted. Someone would always know where she was. Someone would casually remind her that an escape attempt would mean termination. So much orchestrated because of the supposed threat posed by one little Vorta if fallen into the wrong hands. With a sigh, she slouched in her chair and shut her eyes. Hopefully she'd be able to finish the rest of her game by the time her transport made it to the USS Phoenix.
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PostSubject: Re: Reyaen 3    Thu May 07, 2015 12:22 pm

Welcome to Aurora Fleet,

After a long debate with the other command officers, I'm afraid we feel that we are unable to accept a Vorta as a Starfleet officer due to the closeness of the Dominion War in our time line. We believe that it would be highly unlikely that a Vorta would be able to find a command level officer who would sponsor them through the Academy, or even if it were possible for a Vorta to be considered as a candidate.

However, if you feel that the character could be sufficiently adapted, we would like to offer you a civilian position for her on the Starbase, in the same line of thinking as Garak from Deep Space Nine.

Please let us know your decision.

Many apologies,
Rachel Deacon


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Rachel Deacon
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PostSubject: Re: Reyaen 3    Sat May 09, 2015 5:59 pm

After reviewing the decision personally, despite reservations about canon, I am rescinding the previous decision.

Unless you would rather play your character as a civilian, you have a place as Cadet on the USS Phoenix, in the operations department.  The reasoning for placing Reyaen as Cadet rather than Ensign is due to the fact that she has not attended the Academy.  She will have the opportunity for advancement to Ensign along the same lines as promotion to other ranks.

Please note, however, that in character reactions to a Vorta are likely to be hostile and distrusting. Remember, these are only in character reactions and do not reflect the sentiment of the players.


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"Life isn't about finding shelter in the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain."
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PostSubject: Re: Reyaen 3    

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Reyaen 3
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