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 Vorta in Yellow, Kill a Fellow [Kaz/Reyaen]

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Reyaen 3

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PostSubject: Vorta in Yellow, Kill a Fellow [Kaz/Reyaen]   Mon May 11, 2015 10:12 pm

[Ten-Forward Lounge]

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Eat while reviewing the ship's systems. There were several benefits to her pariah status as she sat alone near the row of large viewports. The seats and tables nearest her had been scooted away and the blue tinged sea of carpet surrounded her little island spot. It was slightly quieter environment to read in, but she could still hear just about every conversation all at once.

In front of her was a plate of something that she had seen in the replicators of many other installations. Some fried rice, various vegetables and a choice of meat. Today she decided on beef which she had enjoyed the texture of. Often soft and juicy, though the Vorta was certain if she had a more developed sense of smell, she'd enjoy it all the more.

The utensils however, were a different matter. No one had ever taught her how to use chop sticks. Holding one in each hand, she would lower one as if it were a knife. Surely these would chop something... Apparently not. The rice parted and some of the vegetables pulled under, but the stick was hardly a cutting instrument. Then she looked at the pointed ends and a moment of thought later she impaled a strip of beef with it and began to nibble away at it. There was a bit of laughter in the room suddenly which she glanced around to, but everyone averted their gaze from her's.

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Leela Kaz

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PostSubject: Re: Vorta in Yellow, Kill a Fellow [Kaz/Reyaen]   Sun May 17, 2015 9:52 pm

[Ten-Forward Lounge]

Four doubles in a row. What were you thinking Kaz? She pondered. Overhauling the sensor grid is about to overhaul you. She smirked at her own thoughts. Leela certainly didn't mind hard work, but picking up all of these extra shifts. She wasn't sure what she was thinking and she quickly came to realize that she hadn't been thinking. Almost 6 years and she still couldn't get all of these impulses under control. She had no qualm putting in extra hours when necessary but this volunteering.. the wreaked of Jereda. He was definitely one of her more interesting host. He possessed absolutely no social life and had about the same amount of personality but nobody understood warp theory like he did. He had a marriage, if you could call it that, his wife doubled as his assistant, he may as well of been married to the engine he designed.

Leela's mind quickly came back into focus as she approached the replicator. "Computer, tea, Vulcan Blend 7 Alpha. Hot!" The tea materialized and the Trill grasped it with both hands. Before sipping she took a moment to allow the aroma to filter into her nose. It was almost as good as the real thing. She took the first sip a let slip an audible sigh of relief.

Upon completing the first relaxing sip she turned and scanned for a vacate seat. After all of this time spent staring at the sensor grid she thought some company could be a good thing. As she looked for a familiar face a very unfamiliar, and out of place, face caught her attention. Is that a ... no it can't be ... well I'll be damned! She thought as two little words followed. "A Vorta." She whispered. She had never met one before. To the Trill that was not even the most interesting part. She catches curiously for a moment as the unfamiliar face struggled to use the chopsticks. It was quite funny. Leela couldn't resist, she had to learn more. She needed to meet this individual. She headed to the bar and picked up a fork and proceeded over to the table where the Vorta ate alone. She stepped up to the table and began to address the individual.

"Take it from someone who has lived among humans for quite some time. The chopsticks aren't worth the trouble." With the fork in her right hand she extended it to the Vorta as if a utensil could be used as a peace offering.

"If you want to know who you are, it's important to know who you've been."
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Vorta in Yellow, Kill a Fellow [Kaz/Reyaen]
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