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 Sigma Nu

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Sigma Nu
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Petty Officer 3rd Class

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PostSubject: Sigma Nu   Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:38 am

|Sigma Nu|


Name: Sigma Nu [Sometimes known affectionately as 2-50]
Species: Deltan
Gender: Agender [Sigma does not identify with any concept of gender]
Date of Birth: January 4th, 2357
Age: 21


Height: 5'7
Eyes: One blue, one replaced by cybernetics.
Hair: None.
Characteristic elements: Sigma is cybernetically enhanced. These are limited to improving eyesight in their one eye, and some minor re-enforcement of their joints. (This does not lend super-strength or x-ray type vision.) Bits of cybernetics can be seen in several places on their body. They also have a scar across their face.


Sigma Nu's name is misleading in the sense that it alludes to a laboratory experiment, or some kind of dehumanizing methods. The truth of the matter is that they were named such because their parents were avid mathematical and physics-obsessed scientists, and found it a sort of inside joke to name their child after the Greek letters so often used in the Federation's databanks. So, Sigma Nu was born on a colony on Delta IV and given this name. They never minded it, and even took a nickname in numbers.

Mathematics had often been a source of fascination for Sigma. Even as a young (and only) child, they found it fascinating to tinker in their parent's offices, read through the manuals they found left around, and try to work through complex problems, even when she found they couldn't understand them due to their age. This led to their career choices later in life. Deltans are known for their ability to comprehend and analyze complex mathematical theorems as easily as a human might learn their multiplication tables.

Unfortunately, a number of health problems began to develop as they grew older. Their bones and joints were brittle and a severe infection left them blind in one eye. As a small child, Sigma was terrified of watching their future crumble away before they even got a chance to live it. The federation offered a solution. Cybernetic ocular implants had been in use for decades, and once puberty had finished and their eyes had stopped changing and growing, Sigma was fitted with one that would not only restore their sight, but would allow a small range of other rays to be visible to them.

Strengthening joints and bones so they could walk and enjoy life again was a much more slow and arduous process. Several surgeries and cybernetic implants allowed them to regain control and function of their limbs, and eventually to function as any Deltan would.

This new-found lease on life gave Sigma the opportunity they needed to pursue something they'd wanted to do with their life- enlist in starfleet once all recovery periods were over. The enlisted track suited them better- it would give them the opportunity to slowly learn all there would be about the ships and the people who lived there. They were of course required to take an oath of celibacy (as with all deltans) before enlisting, but that was a small price to pay for the opportunity to take advanced math courses while being enlisted.  They wanted to help the people that had given them a new chance and being something they couldn't before.


Enlisted or Officer?: Enlisted
Department preference 1: Engineering
Department Preference 2: Ops

[Aiming to be placed on the starbase]

Sample Post

You have arrived at your newest assignment...

A new starship. Sigma had never been on one before. The sensory input just from the people and their expressions... the smells and colours and even the bland carpeting were all so new that they took a solid moment to do nothing but take it in. Unfortunately, they couldn't sit around and stare forever. Engineering was expecting them, a new assignment for the newest, greenest member on board.

It wasn't as though the Deltan minded all that. The trill of exploring new experiences and learning new concepts was as exciting to them on the first day of a new assignment as it would be on their 300th.

Boots so polished that they shined in the hall lights made low thumping noises against the necjkplates as they made their first trip to engineering. Entering there was even more of a wonderous thing. Such a beautiful warp core... Sigma yearned to touch the consoles, to learn how to operate every one.

Patience, the new crewman thought. You'll get to it all in time.

Behind the Mask

Have you done textbased RP before?: For an embarrassingly long time, yes.

How did you find Aurora?: Known about it since it was founded.

Additional notes about yourself or your character?: I play the Andorian, the Cardassian, and the Cranky Hybrid.
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Rachel Deacon
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PostSubject: Re: Sigma Nu   Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:23 am

Welcome to Aurora Fleet!

After reading through your application, I'm delighted to be able to offer you a position in Starbase Athena's Engineering department with the starting rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class.

Since there is no mission currently in progress on the Starbase, please feel free to join or start a shore leave thread and get stuck in!

Rachel Deacon


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Sigma Nu
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