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 Grell, Myree

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Myree Grell

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PostSubject: Grell, Myree   Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:00 pm



Name:  Myree Grell
Species:  Orion
Gender:  Female
Date of Birth:  Stardate 32175.2 (March 5, 2355)
Age:  23
Place of birth:  Deneva


Height:  172.72 cm (5'8")
Eyes:  Pale Blue
Hair:  Rusty Red
Characteristic elements:  Myree is a green-skinned Orion.  She usually takes pheromone dampeners, so as not to distract herself and others from her work.



Mother:  Jael
Father:  Grell
Siblings:  None
Significant others:  None
Children:  None


Myree is a kind-hearted girl, though somewhat absent-minded.  Or, rather, it could be better stated that she is singular-minded, especially when she has a task to focus on.  She is a romantic historian at heart, and loves nothing more than finding out what makes a civilization tick, even if they've been dead for ten thousand years.

She does not fit into the usual idea of a 'green Orion' woman, and really would prefer not to dwell on the reputation her people have.  In fact, Myree often gets treatments to dampen her natural Orion sexual pheromones, since they can be a hell of a distraction.  Woe betide he or she who believes Myree will act a certain way because she's a green Orion...for her idea of a 'good time' is a comparative analysis of targ subspecies vocalizations.


Myree Grell was raised on Deneva Colony, the daughter of Orion expatriates.  Her mother, Jael, is retired from Starfleet service and currently lives on the colony world with her father.  Myree’s parents escaped the rather questionable social structure of Orion, seeking refuge within the Federation and eventually daring the stars.  Jael graduated from Starfleet Medical and was assigned to a starship, with her husband Grell joining the crew in a civilian capacity.

The couple took a planetside posting on Deneva once it was discovered that a baby was expected.  When Myree was born, Jael decided to retire from the service to concentrate on civilian medical practice.  Bann is an artist who works with local Denevan crystal…a jewel-making skill that he seems to have passed on to his daughter.

When Myree came of age, she decided to leave for Earth to test for Starfleet Academy.  While her parents would have much liked her to stay on the colony and pursue the nominally safer career path of a jeweler, they also understood the need to explore.  

So it was that Myree graduated with a specialty of Anthropology and Archaeology and was commissioned an ensign, with the billet of science officer.  


2373 - Takes and passes Starfleet Academy entrance examination.

2375 - Myree retreats further into her studies after her closest friend, Starn, is killed in the Breen attack on San Francisco.

2377 - Cadet cruise (USS T'Plana) and graduation.

2378 - Promoted to Ensign and assigned to Starbase Athena as Junior Science Officer (Archaoelogy and Anthropology)


For full bio, click the lovely shade of green.

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Grell, Myree
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