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 Dexter, Kaitlin

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Kaitlin Dexter
Senior Crewman
Senior Crewman

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PostSubject: Dexter, Kaitlin   Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:48 pm

Kaitlin Dexter


Name:Kaitlin Dexter
Date of Birth: 4 sept 2359


Height:5" 8" (foot)
Characteristic elements: Mentally weak, self talking conscience which humiliates her.


Non-Bio-logical Mother: Steph Romanov (Alive)
Non-Bio-Logical Father: Aleksandr Romanov (Alive)
Bio-Logical Mother: Niamh Dexter (Deceased, age 42)
Bio-Logical Father: Blake Dexter (Deceased, age 44)
Sister(s): None
Brother(s): Arman Dexter (Alive)

Born in Los Angeles, California, Kaitlin lived with her family of three well away from any civilisation. Kaitlin was a very reserved person, which left her with three friends, her family.

At the age of 15, Kaitlin's family was robbed and her parents where both shot, her father in the chest and mother in the heart immediately killing her mother and leaving her father to slowly bleed out before medical could do anything about it.

The two children got cared to by a family of two, Steph and Aleksandr Romamov, a Russian couple who moved to LA from Moscow. Steph is British and moved to Moscow with Aleksandr after meeting.

Steph and Aleksandr lived in the middle of LA, which forced Kaitlin to socialise with some of the other people in her age group. She is still fairly reserved but is nowhere near as closed off as she used to be.

When Kaitlin was 16, she worked very hard at school to achieve the best grades possible then at the age of 17 enlisted into the starfleet academy working towards becoming a helmsman. She spent two years at the academy perfecting her trade and at the age of 19 she awaited her first post.


USS Phoenix 26/6/2015


Senior Crewman 26/6/2015

| Name: Kaitlin Dexter | Ship: USS Phoenix |
| Rank: Senior Crewman |
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Dexter, Kaitlin
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