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 Persephone M'Rai

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Persephone M'Rai

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PostSubject: Persephone M'Rai   Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:26 pm



Name: Persephone S'Rall M'Rai
Species: Caitian
Gender: Queen (Female)
Date of Birth: 15th August 2356
Age: 22


Height: 1m85
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black/White
Characteristic elements: Her left ear is torn and scarred from playfighting with her siblings.  The tip of her tail has a kink in it from where she shut it in a door in her youth.


Persephone chose her own name shortly before applying to the Academy.  Having lived the majority of her life amongst humans on Earth, working with her parents since she was a kitten in their conservation efforts regarding Earth's large felines, she knew just how hard it was for some humans to pronounce alien names.

Since she was young, she had enjoyed flying the shuttles with her parents during short hops around the planet, even being allowed to pilot them once she was big enough to reach the controls.  Since she enjoyed the thrills and rush that it gave her, it made sense for her to apply for the flight department.

During her third year at the Academy, Persephone saw action in the Dominion War as part of a primarily cadet ship put together to try to pad out the fighters on the front lines and free up more experienced crews who were running supplies as the time.

Returning to the Academy after barely making it out alive from the War, Persephone found it hard to get through her fourth year at the Academy, but made it through and was posted to a local assignment for a couple of years before being transferred out.


Enlisted or Officer?: Officer
Department preference 1: Helm Control
Department Preference 2: Sec/Tac

Sample Post

You have arrived at your newest assignment...

The tip of Persephone's tail just would not stop twitching as she made her way to the shuttlebay.  The reputation of the Romulan woman who ran the department preceded her.  Oh, the young Caitian had been in dominance scraps before, mainly with her siblings, but this was different.  This was Starfleet.  If there was a disagreement, scruffing the other officer was not an option.  Most humanoids didn't have scruffs anyway.

Pausing outside the doors into the shuttlebay, she straightened her uniform before licking a paw and giving her face a quick wash.  It didn't hurt to make sure that you were presentable before walking in to the lion's den, as it were.  Seph took a deep breath, and finally stepped forward into the hanger.

"Ensign M'Rai reporting, sir."

Behind the Mask

Have you done textbased RP before?: Yes

How did you find Aurora?: Two guesses :p

Additional notes about yourself or your character?: /
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PostSubject: Re: Persephone M'Rai   Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:44 pm

Hello Purrrsephone,

Welcome to AF and the USS Phoenix! You'll be posted there as helm officer with the rank of Ensign.


Click the card for full bio!

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Persephone M'Rai
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