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PostSubject: Ezac   Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:45 am


Name: Ezac
Species: Breen
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 18 July 2356
Age: 22

Height: 1.88 m
Eyes: This field intentionally left blank
Hair: This field intentionally left blank

Ezac is quite introverted, even in comparison with other Breen. As a result, outside of official on-duty activities involving his shipmates, he has little interest in engaging with others. When he does manage to develop relationships, however, they then tend to be more meaningful and lasting.

He considers himself to be a just individual, always striving to treat other individuals in a way that is dictated not by generalizations and stereotypes, but by personal actions and behavior. He will always willingly put himself in peril for the sake of someone who has been wronged.

When it comes to his duties, Ezac is hard-working, diligent, and efficient. He puts a great deal of effort into doing his job well. Much of his effort is rooted in a desire to set a good example for his daughter, Nioa. Aside from that, he does what must be done simply because it must be done.

Ezac was born on July 18, 2356, in a small settlement on Portas V, and he grew up on his family's mineral mine. Before he was even born, his parents had arranged for his marriage which was scheduled to take place on his 8th birthday. Ezac's household was typical for a Breen, with dozens of slaves that were used as labor in the mine.

On Ezac's 8th birthday, as arranged, he was married to a neighboring family's child, Tue. If breaking a marriage arrangement wasn't considered extremely dishonorable, then his parents would have likely prevented Ezac from marrying Tue. Ezac was not bashful in sharing his opinion of government policy, even if his parents disagreed. These types of disagreements led to Ezac's parents having a general dislike for him.

Shortly after Ezac and Tue married, they worked on conceiving a child. They were successful, but Nioa's birth ended up being too much for Tue, who died just hours after Nioa was born.

When Ezac was 9 years old, he was told by one of the slaves that an escape was planned, and that he and his daughter should find a safe place to hide. He was conflicted. On one hand, he cared for the slaves and sought their freedom. On the other hand, he knew that an escape would cause many problems for his family. The next day, at the forewarned time, the slaves set their plan into action. They were successful in escaping, but nearly all of Ezac's family was killed in the process. He was devastated. Ezac found his father still alive and attempted to save his life. Kig was initially showing signs of improvement, but he finally and unexpectedly succumbed to his wounds in early 2367. His father's passing was difficult for Ezac because he was working at repairing their relationship. Until even the very moment of his death, Kig accused Ezac of orchestrating the slaves' escape. As he sat there, looking at his father's recently deceased body, Ezac made the decision to leave Portas V.

Ezac knew that an education would be vital in being useful outside his home world, so he decided to focus his attention on two subjects (that he felt could be useful anywhere): mechanical engineering and computer science. Ezac was frustrated by the length of time that the degrees would take, but he understood that his only other option was to spend the rest of his life mining for minerals on Portas V. After 5 years of hard work, the Breen Confederacy chose to align with the Dominion. This chain of events caused the remaining 3 years of his education to be a struggle. Despite the positive rapport that he developed with many around him, his reputation was still almost irreparably damaged. He persevered, however, and graduated on time in a private ceremony in the dean's office. As he considered his options, he found many similarities between his beliefs and those of the Federation, and he often found himself daydreaming about exploring. With a mix of anticipation and trepidation, he decided to submit an application to Starfleet. Without even hearing back concerning his application, he and Nioa began making preparations to leave. He knew that regardless of the outcome of his application, he would be leaving Portas V and never returning.

Service History

  • 16 June 2378 - Assigned to the USS Phoenix (NCC-65025) as a Sec/Tac Crewman

Dates of Rank, Enlisted

  • 16 June 2378 - Petty Officer Third Class


  • None to Date


  • None to Date


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