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 Stefan Michael Ives

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Stefan Ives

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PostSubject: Stefan Michael Ives   Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:01 pm



Name: Stefan Michael Ives
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 02.14.2357
Age: 21


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 178 lb.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Characteristic Elements: Stefan reaches a height of six feet, threeinches and weighs 178 pounds. His broad, sturdy frame carries a well-toned and sculpted physique. Stefan's hair is exceptionally short, maintained in a neat style with sharp lines and hard angles. His eyes are a radiant hazel color and offer a stark contrast to the rich, espresso-pigment of his skin tone. With little body hair, Stefan's skin is smooth, supple, and well-nourished. When smiling, a dimple forms in the pocket of his right cheek. His face is freshly shaven, teeth are impeccably cared for, and fingernails professionally manicured. Stefan has no permanent body art to speak of, however his right nostril is pierced and, while off-duty, wears a tight gold hoop. While on-duty, Stefan adorns the epitome of professional attire. His uniform is clean, freshly pressed, and wrinkle free. His boots are polished, with scuff marks and other imperfections buffed out. Commbadge and rank chevron polished, Stefan ensures they are properly displayed according to regulation.

Stefan is detail and task oriented. Occasionally prone to sarcasm and cynicism, he is an idealist with strong moral convictions about right and wrong, good and evil, and is courageous about these values. Among these ideals are the sanctity of life, galactic peace, universal education and healthcare, elimination of poverty, and the other unifying principles of the Federation. His behavior and mannerisms are affable yet can be socially conservative. He places a high premium on good manners and does his best to avoid confrontation, relying on his disarming sense of humor to lighten the mood. An exceptionally patient and understanding man, Stefan strives to be categorically diplomatic and urbane, both in speech and action, preferring first and foremost to listen. Surprising to many, he has an inherent need for recognition of his efforts and accomplishments and desires to be well-liked among his peers.

Stefan has a keen appreciation for the arts, yet prefers photography above all other media and considers himself to be an amateur photographer. He reads and writes, often utilizing a numerous media platforms to satisfy a variable number of literary interests. He is honing a developing appreciation for music, which is slightly more limited, confined mostly to music from Earth. An avid outdoorsman, Stefan enjoys a number of recreational activities such as four wheeling, snowmobiling, skiing (downhill and cross country), snowshoeing, camping (all seasons), backpacking, fly-fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking. Stefan generally enjoys games of chance and forms of recreation requiring an above-average level of physical exertion (e.g.: water polo, field hockey, cricket, and football.); he has been known to engage in these activities on a purely social level, yet also partakes in those of solitude, such as a daily exercise program to stay in good physical condition. He enjoys playing games like cribbage and solitaire, whilst socializing with friends or family and drinks during social or special occasions.


The only child to parents Darlene and Leonard, Stefan Michael Ives was born on stardate 34121.5. Raised by Darlene, Stefan didn't know his father well. Leonard was deemed a casualty of war in the fulfillment of duties while serving on board the USS Concord as the chief flight control officer during the Borg incursion at Wolf 359. Stefan was 7 years old when his father was killed, a loss that impacted him tremendously, yet served as the catalyst that strengthened the bond he shared with Darlene.


Stefan was admitted to Starfleet Academy on stardate 51685.7. The first year was oriented under the premise of general studies, during which cadet's completed prerequisite coursework prior to selecting a specialization. Unlike many of his peers, Stefan thrived in the academy's regimented environment and dynamic culture of disciplined order and organization. The first two semesters were academically grueling, requiring the cadet's to complete eighteen credit hours per semester, while mandating physical and survivalist training. Stefan excelled in the physical training, honing an aptitude for rapid assessment and response, conflict management and crisis intervention during abnormally high stress-induced situations.

At the conclusion of the first year, Stefan’s grade point average was 94.9%, resulting in an invitation to attend the academy's security operations curriculum. Stefan intended to pursue a specialization in flight control operations, like his father; however, his math scores weren't proficient to meet the threshold requirements for flight control officers. After careful consideration, he accepted the offer and registered for the next semester of coursework.

An intense four years later, Stefan graduated from the academy with high achievements, accolades, and a place on the academic honor roll including two letters of recommendation and one letter of commendation. Commissioned the rank of ensign, Stefan received temporary leave, during which he spent at home with friends and family.

Service Record

Stardate 51685.7 - 55360.1: San Francisco, California; Earth, Sol System | Starfleet Academy | Cadet Freshman Grade to Cadet Senior Grade.

Enlisted or Officer?: Officer
Department Preference 1: Security
Department Preference 2: Tactical

Sample Post

You have arrived at your newest assignment...

The whir of the transporter resonated, while the cascading hues of blue dissipated as Stefan re-materialized on one of the forward pads. He descended the few steps, moving with deliberate purpose toward the operator standing behind the transporter controls.

"Welcome on board, ensign." They greeted, extending their hand in his direction. "I understand you're one of our most recent graduates from the academy?" They asked, mirroring Stefan's firm grip.

"I am, thank you, sir." He replied politely, offering an engaging smile. "Ensign Stefan Ives, reporting as ordered." He stated more formally.

The operator reached into a hidden compartment behind the console station to remove a data PADD. Placing it on the edge of the station, their fingers tapped a string of commands into the glossy display surface. "I'm uploading your orders from Starfleet Security into this PADD. Show this to the Quartermaster, and they'll square away quarters, uniforms, and notify your immediate superior officer of your arrival." When the upload was complete, the operator handed the device to Stefan.

"Thank you, chief." Stefan replied after accepting the device and reviewing its contents. "Where can I find the Quartermaster?"

The operator laughed, crossing either arm over their chest before replying with, "I'm sure you'll be able to figure that part out, ensign. We can't hold your hand all the time." They finished with a wink.

Stefan chuckled, "I hear ya' loud and clear. Thanks for the info, chief!" And with that, he turned on a heal and exited the cabin. He may have been a greenhorn, but Stefan was far from helpless; he was quick on the draw, benefiting from unbridled ingenuity, a clever wit, and keen perception. He was determined to make a name for himself in Starfleet; he'd already accomplished a great deal during his time at the academy. Although he'd virtually be starting over again, but Stefan was ready to take on the challenge of this new assignment. All he needed to do first, was find a turbolift... and the Quartermaster.

Behind the Mask

Have you done text-based RP before?: Yes, however it's been some time.
How did you find Aurora Fleet?: RPG-D
Additional notes about yourself or your character?: I enjoy developing a character's history as I write for them in-character, which is why Stefan's backstory may be lacking detail. As this development progresses, I update and add to the character biography. If you have any questions, please let me know! Otherwise, I've been stalking the ChatBox, so feel free to say hello! :]

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PostSubject: Re: Stefan Michael Ives   Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:16 pm

Welcome to Aurora Fleet!

After reading through your application, I'm delighted to be able to offer you the post of security and tactical officer on the USS Phoenix with the starting rank of Ensign.

The Phoenix is at the beginning of a mission, so feel free to jump in or ask for a tag in if you wish one.

Good luck!


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Stefan Michael Ives
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