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 Thelos th'Zhela's Extensive Character Test

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PostSubject: Thelos th'Zhela's Extensive Character Test   Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:08 pm

Extensive Character Development Quiz

Rules: Get into character and answer each question AS YOUR CHARACTER WOULD. For example, if your character would lie when asked if he/she currently has romantic feelings for anyone, then you better lie. [You can put in a note as an author to write the truth.]

General Information:

1. What is your name? Nickname?
Dr. Thelos Zarath th'Zhela. Some people-- and by that I mean Gavin Van Gelder-- call me 'Thel'. I've had more than one person call me 'Doc'.

2. Why were you named that?
I was named for one of the great thinkers of Andoria, from long before the entanglements with the Federation.

3. What is your gender?

4. What species are you?
A Bish'ee Andorian.

5. How old are you? What year were you born?
I'm thirty-four years old. That would make me born in the year 2344.

6. Do you wish you were older or younger?
I could pull up some whimsical notions of pining after lost youth, but no. I'm quite happy with my age.

7. What is your IQ? If you don't know, guess.
I've no clue. It's tucked away in my psychiatric file somewhere. I haven't the heart or desire to go dig it up.

Physical Appearance:

8. What color are your eyes? Do you like them?
They're a very light and bright blue. I think they're sort of average, at least as far as Andorians go.

9. What color is your hair? Is it natural or dyed? Do you like the color?
My hair is white; once again, very average. It's a fine enough shade.

10. Is your hair thin or thick? Straight or curly? Long or short? How do you wear it?
It's short, thick, and a bit coarse... Then again, I think human hair is rougher in comparison, which would make it softer... Come to think, I suppose it comes down to a variation in the molecular structure of the...

Oh, right. Sorry.

I keep it cut short on the sides, and the top sort of flops around. It's very straight.

11. How tall are you? Are you happy with your height?
I stand at 5'2" tall. I think it's just fine as a height.

[Player's Note: Thelos is considered very short, even by Andorian standard. He'd like to be taller, and it's a bit of a sore spot.

12. How much do you weigh? Are you happy with your weight?
120lbs. It corresponds properly with my height, so I don't see any reason to fuss about it.

13. If female, what is your bra size? Are you happy with this?
This seems to be an insensitively worded question. Species diversity and the general nature of gender among people ensures that there are many 'males' with breasts, and many 'females' without them. There are also other genders besides those in the human gender binary. I am not qualified to answer this question in any case.

14. How would you describe your skin tone?

15. What is your body type? Are you athletic?
Like most of my species, I have a build comprised of lean muscle. My time in the Imperial Guard brought more of that about, and I haven't let it go.

16. Any birthmarks? Freckles or other marks?
I have a purple birthmark the size of a grape on my left bicep.

17. Do you have any scars? From what?
Just one on my knee. I was right stupid and ran on the ice when I wasn't supposed to.

18. Do you have any tattoos? Of what and where?
There's a white-ink pattern of Andorian tribal markings on my lower left ribcage. Really nothing, just a clan symbol that held some significance. It's about the size of my spread hand, I'd say.

19. Do any other features stand out? Big nose? Almond eyes? Gap in teeth?
Significant by my own standards? Not particularly. I suppose the antenna, forehead ridge and blue skin are a stand-out by yours.

20. Do you have any unusual characteristics?
I loost an antenna, and while it's nearly grown back, it's a bit scarred.

21. Any defining gestures? (Biting your lip, avoiding eye contact while speaking)
My antennae are a greater indicator of my actual mood and intentions than my face. They move independently to correspond with my current emotional state. I suppose this qualifies, yes?

22. What do you like most about your appearance?
I have strong facial features.

23. What do you like least about your appearance?
It may sound a bit strange, but I think my lips are too thin.

24. Overall, are you happy with your appearance? Do you think you are attractive?
Goodness, I don't think I can make a judgement call like that.

25. Do others think you are attractive?
Obviously, someone does.


26. What is your blood type?

27. Do you have any mental illnesses?  Addictions? Disabilities?
I was recently treated for Post-traumatic stress disorder, but other than that, I'm right as rain.

[PN: Losing an antenna threw off a unique sort of perception that Andorians have. This could be considered a disability, though Thelos has learned to compensate.]

28. Do you avoid your medicals?
I'd like to say that I set a good example for my patients and come into every physical on time... But I spend so much time in sickbay, that I honestly don't usually feel like getting around to them.

29. What was the last medical procedure you had done?
I was treated for a broken rib.

30. Do you have any allergies or medical problems?
Come now, are you recording me a new medical file? No, to both.

31. Do you have any problems sleeping? What's wrong and why do you think that is?
It's normalcy for me to sleep 4 hours in every 32.

Supernatural Abilities:
32. Do you have any special abilities? If no, skip this whole section.
Section unnecessary.

46. What is your earliest childhood memory?
I think I was... 3 years old. I ate a bad mushroom, and I remember my Zhavey holding me until I stopped complaining.

47. What is your happiest childhood memory?
Passing the entrance exam for primary schooling! My mothers were so proud.

48. What is your worst childhood memory?
The day my mothers and fathers decided to slaughter a food animal that I'd foolishly gotten attached to. It had been sick and I'd saved it. In hindsight it's rather silly, but it did such with me.

49. What was your childhood like?
Fast-paced and full of aggressive play.

50. What were your childhood aspirations?
I always wanted to become a Doctor.

51. What is your most embarrassing memory?
[Looks a little chagrined] I don't suppose you've ever had the misfortune of stumbling on your parents copulating, have you?

52. What is the most frightening thing that has ever happened to you?
The chintoka incident. It still gives me nightmares.

53. Have you ever had a near death experience? Have you ever died?
The blood loss and shock from the wound Subcommander Jarris inflicted during the above incident nearly killed me, but I've never died.

54. What is the worst thing you have ever done? Even if for a good reason.
I made a medical descision that cost the lives of six to save the life of one. I'd thought I was making the correct choice, but instead I let people die that I could have saved.

55. What is the worst thing anyone has ever done to you?
[Grimaces] Severed my antenna.

56. Do you have a permanent residence on any planet?
My clan's home on Andoria is open to me, but I've not been there in a while.

57. Where were you born? What is this place like?
Lor'Tan, Andoria. It's an underground city on a frozen wasteland of a planet. It's very cold.

58. Has anything life changing ever happened to you?
[Blinks at]

59. Have you ever experienced anything traumatic?
Haven't I already answered this?

60. Do you have any serious regrets? What are they? How would you act differently?
In that previous.. Never mind. I don't care to squabble over the past.

61. Have you ever lost someone you love? How?
I haven't, not to my knowledge.


62. What was your least favorite subject?
Engineering theory.

63. What was your favorite subject?
Biological sequence!

64. What were you best at?
The above.

65. Were you made fun of in school? Why?
On Andoria, no. At starfleet academy, I was occasionally teased for being vertically challenged.

66. What was your education like?

67. How much education have you received?
I had my primary and secondary education on Andoria, some medical training in the Imperial Guard, and I earned my medical degree at starfleet academy.

68. Did you attend the Academy?  What was your most memorable experience there?
I did, but much of it was a blur of classes and people. I couldn't give you a memory.

69. Did you like school?
well enough!

70. Overall, how well did you do in school?
Rather well, aside from one semester of laziness.


71. Are you enlisted or commissioned?  What is your rank?
Commissioned Ensign.

72. What department do you serve in?
Medical, as a doctor and surgeon.

73. Why do you do it? How did you end up doing it?
I'm here too help people. I suppose I've been pushed on a medical track since I was a child, but it was what I wanted.

74. Do you have any future goals for this job or others?

75. How long have you done this?
I've been in some sort of medical practice for over fifteen years. I've been a doctor for a little less than that.

76. What are your parents' names?
Thani, Vrota, Aris, and Kavol.

77. What do your parents do for a living?
All are either current or former Imperial Guard, but only Vrota and Kavol are still actively serving on specific assignments. Thani became a sculptor, and Aris is a biomechanics specialist.

78. Do you have any siblings? Older or younger?
I do! I have a sister named Vani, and  another, Gralav. Both are younger.

79. Who are you closest to?
My brother.

80. Is there anyone not in your immediate family who you consider to be family?
All  members of the clan I live with are as close as family.

81. Do/did you live with or commonly see grandparents, cousins, or other relatives?
While I haven't been home in some time, on Andoria we live in a sort of communal housing.

82. Are you married? Have you ever been?

83. Do you have any children? How many? How old? Who is the father?
I don't have any children.

[PN: Much to his family's dismay.]

84. Does anyone else in your family serve or  has served in Starfleet?
Most certainly, though in recent times the number's gotten smaller.

85. Do you have a good relationship with your family?
Yes, I'd say so.

[PN: For now.]

86. Who is your best friend? (If 2 really close friends, answer the next questions for both)
Ilana Telak and Gavin Van Gelder.

87. How did you meet? How long have you known each other?
Several months ago, for both. We were assigned to the same starship.

88. Why are you best friends? What about your personalities work well together?
Ilana and I are both quiet and work oriented, and get on rather well. Gavin and I have a large slew of things in common that would take a very long time to explain.

89. What are his/her greats qualities? Flaws?
Ms. Telak is compassionate and considerate, but takes very poor care of herself. Gavin is brilliant but impulsive.

90. If of the opposite sex, have there ever been any romantic feelings?
This question's a bit heteronormative. I have no feelings for Dr. Telak, but I am dating Gavin.

91. Other friends?
I'm friends with Seika T'Koris, and to a lesser extent, her mother.

92. Who is your nicest friend?
That's hard to say.

93. Do you have many friends? If you have few friends, why?
I have few, by mostly because I've not had the time to make more.

94. Do you have any enemies or frenemies?
Subcommander Jarris.

95. Does anyone dislike you?

96. Do you dislike anyone?

97. Do you have any rivals?


98. What is your sexual orientation?

99. What's your current relationship status?

100. If single, have you ever had a romantic relationship?

101. Do you want to be in a relationship?

102. Do you love anyone now? Have you ever?
Yes, I do now.

103. If not in love, do you have a crush on anyone?

104. Do you know if anyone is in love or has a crush on you?
Indeed I do.

105. Do you love anyone who does not love you back? Have you ever?

106. Have you ever told anyone you loved them? When?
[I told this to Gavin Van Gelder, fairly recently.[/i]

107. Has anyone told you they loved you? When?
The same, in reverse.

108. Have you ever cheated on anyone?
Goodness no.

109. Have you ever been cheated on?
Thankfully, no.

110. Has anyone ever broken your heart?

111. Have you ever broken anyone's heart?
Not to my knowledge.

112. Are you shy about relationships?
I am.

113. What do you do when you like someone? Tell them? Give hints?
I usually try to talk to them.

114. Are you a virgin?
Many times over, no.

115. Have you ever given or received a blowjob?
I'm an Andorian male in a relationship with a human male. You can probably figure out the answer to this question.

116. Have you ever kissed someone the same sex as you?

117. Do you have any quirks in the bedroom?

118. What kind of man/woman are you usually attracted to?
Intelligent, tall, compassionate... Not necessarily all three, and not necessarily in that order.

119. What kind of lover do you prefer?
I don't know if I can properly answer this.

120. When did you last engage in any romantic or sexual behavior?
Two days ago.

121. How many people have seen you naked?
Discounting doctors and family when I was small... Four?

General Relationships:

122. Who do you love most in the world?

123. Who do you hate most?

124. Who could you not live without?
That's a trifle extreme, don't you think?

125. Who do you tell things to first?
Gavin, or my personal log.

126. Who knows all your secrets?
No one knows all of them. Then they wouldn't be secrets.

127. Who do you always argue with?
Archangel T'Koris. She refuses to listen to medical advice.

128. Who last told you they loved you? (both romantic and not)
Gavin, and my mother Vrota in a letter she sent.

129. Who did you last tell you loved them? (both romantic and not)
The same.

130. Have you ever punched anyone? Why?
Only to get away from a grab hold.

131. Who do you go to for advice?
A counsellor.

132. Who would you risk your life for?
Most of the crew.

133. Who do you most respect?
Captain T'Koris.

134. Do you have any heroes or idols?

135. If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be?
I don't have a wish to kill anyone!

136. Are there any qualities in people or behaviors that you just can't stand?
Constant complaining.

137. Would you sacrifice your own happiness for someone else? Anyone in particular?
Doing that isn't worth it.


138. What is a typical day like? Or is each day different?
I usually get up for work at around 0300. I spend most o my day in sickbay. Then I'll usually spend some time in the arboretum if I have a minute to spare after shift.

139. Are you a morning or a night person?
Morning person.

140. How do you usually dress while off duty?  On duty?
You'll usually find my in the standard medical uniform on duty, unless it's a surgery, in which case I'll have dinner this rather ugly looking set of red surgical gowns. Off duty, I'll wear simple clothing in browns and blacks. Nothing too hot. The ship provides enough of that.

141. Is there anything you keep with you at all times?
A tricorder.

142. Do you keep a journal? Why or why not?
I keep a medical log for work, and a personal log for myself.

143. Are you regularly in trouble or do you always follow all the rules?
I'm not usually one to make waves, unless someone else's life is in danger.

144. Do you ever drink or get drunk?
I'm fond of Andorian ale.

145. Do you ever go to parties?
If invited, yes.

146. Describe your quarters. What is in it? Is it messy?
I share them with someone else. My things are usually put away, unless I run out the door. The most noticeable ting is the temperature. It's either perfect for me or perfect nfor gfavin- a temperature that swings with a difference of around 40 degrees.

147. What would you like most to change about your life?
I'd like to spend more time doing things other than work.

148. Are you happy with your life?


149. What is your religion? Any strong religious beliefs?
None, aside from a few influences from Andoria.

150. Are you very religious?

151. Are you superstitious?
No more so than the average medical practitioner.

152. What would you die before doing?
Killing another for anything other than self defense.

153. Do you have any strong political views?

154. Are you satisfied with the current government? Why or why not?
I think is a little lacking in ethics at imes.

155. What do you think of death and the afterlife?
I see death more frequently than I'd like in my profession, bu5 I have no idea what truly happens afterward.

156. What do you think of war?
Sometimes necessary, but always horrible.

157. Could you personally kill someone if it meant saving others? (Have you ever?)
I've made the decision to let someone die to save other people, but nice never killed for that purpose.

Personal Information:

158. Do you snore?

159. Do you have any secrets?
Of course.

160. Do you have many fears? What are they?
I'm scared of overheating.

161. How do you deal with physical pain? Have you ever been seriously injured?
Unfortunately for me, my species goes into shock quite easily. I have been seriously injured before.

162. How do you cope with deaths of people you know?
I don't know.

163. Have you ever killed anyone? Why? How?
Not intentionally?

164. Have you ever seen anyone die? What happened?
I am a doctor.

165. What do you live for? What keeps you going?
I don't need something specific.

166. Can you speak more than one language without using the UI? What languages and why?
Andorian and Federation standard.

167. Do you have any bad habits?

168. Are you typically willing to help people who you ask for it? To what extent would you willingly help them?
I offer help to anyone who asks.

169. What is your speaking style (fast, monotone, loquacious)?
I'd describe it as lightly upbeat, with what I've been told is an accent.

170. What are your insecurities?
My height and my ability to be a doctor at times.

171. Do you have any quirks or eccentricities?
I bounce on the balls of my feet when excited.

172. Do you have any special natural abilities?
Extrasensory perception afforded by my antenna.

173. Do you have any specialised combat training? Why?

174. What is the best compliment you could receive? (You're gorgeous, your paintings are beautiful, you are the perfect mother)
"You're an excellent physician."

175. If the entire world only had one night left, what would you do? Who would you spend your last hours with?
I'll be honest. I'd spend I worrying about how I'd end up dying!

176. If you could know anything, what would it be? (Like how the pyramids were built, what your boyfriend was thinking five minutes ago)
What's the solution to the Andorian reproductive crisis?

177. If you could learn to do anything, even if it's impossible (like dancing if you're in a wheelchair), what would it be? (no powers, see next question)
I'd like to be able to draw.

178. If you could have one magic power, what would it be? Why?
Instant healing ability? I'm not sure.

179. If you got one wish (no wishing for more wishes), what would you wish for?
I'd rather not say.


180. Are you a social person? Or do you prefer solitude?
You could say I'm somewhere in the middle.

181. How would you describe your personality?
A little reserved, but usually pretty cheerful.

182. Are you an optimist or pessimist?
I'd like to say I'm a realist, but I know the truth is that I'm a persistent optimist and not at all sorry for it.

183. Are you creative?
Not usually, but I can be.

184. Do you like to take risks?
Yes. Nasty habit of doing that.

185. Are you usually an honest person?
I rarely lie.

186. How would you describe your personal hygiene? Would others agree?
impeccable. It has to be this way. One does not be sloppy when up to your wrists in another person's innards.

187. Do you think you dress well off duty? Would others agree?
I'm not exactly sure.

188. Are you sentimental?
Often, yes.

189. Are you openly emotional?

190. Are you a hard worker?

191. Are you usually a leader or a follower? Are you happy with that?
In a crisis medical  situation, I am capable of filling leadership role. Usually, I'm much more suited to being a follower, and that's alright with me. I could never be a captain.

192. Are you confident?
Fairly so.

193. Are you introverted or extroverted?
Somewhere between the two.

194. Are you a stressed person?

195. Are you easily embarrassed?
Unfortunately so.

196. Are you very proud?
I take pride in what I've achieved.

197. How do you think other people see you?
I couldn't tell you.

198. What things do others say are your weaknesses?
I don't know.

199. What do others say are your strengths?

200. Do people generally like you or dislike you?
Ask them?

201. What do you think are your best qualities?
My skill and my compassion.

202. What do you think are your worst qualities?
My incessant need to save everyone.

203. Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?
Not anymore.

204. Overall, are you happy with yourself?
Decidedly yes.


205. What is your favorite food?
I've begun to really like chicken.

206. What is your favorite drink?
Andorian ale.

207. What is your favorite color?

208. What is your favorite animal?

209. What is your favorite book?
Would I be silly to name a textbook?

210. What is your favorite movie?
What's that?

211. What is your favorite music genre?
Humans would call it some sort of classic rock, but that doesn't apply well on Andoria.

212. What is your favorite childhood story?
I don't remember.

213. What is your favorite weather?

214. What is your favorite season?
[At home, summer. On earth, winter.[/i]

215. What is your dream vacation?
An uninterrupted trip to risa.

216. What is your favourite planet to visit?  To live?
The above. Although I don't think I'd like to live on risa. It's too sunny and hot and I'd sunbun very quickly.

217. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
The latter.

218. Would you rather have a life full of adventure or an uneventful life?
I think I'm done with adventure, but I'd never leave starfleet.

219. What is your favorite holiday?
The Spring Water Festival.

220. What is your favorite flower?
I like too many!

221. What is your favorite sport? Do you like sports?
Too many to name.

222. What is your favorite curse word?
I try to avoid foul language.

223. Do you prefer the city or the country?
I'm not familiar with those terms.

224. Do you prefer showers or baths?
Sonic showers. Baths are too hot.

225. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Empty hypos laying about.

226. Are you disgusted by anything?

227. Are you squeamish?

228. Regardless of skill, do you like dancing, singing, or drawing? Anything else?

229. Do you enjoy art?
Yes. I have an appreciation for it.

230. What would be the perfect day?
A day with no casualties.

231. Do you have any hobbies?
I pole-dance as a hobby. Well, more of exercise.

232. What do you enjoy doing most?
Going to the arboretum for walks.

Recent Past:

233. When did you last feel happy? Why?
I delivered a heathy baby the other day and felt happy to put the mother at ease.

234. When did you last feel sad? Why?
I gt word that a friend of mine had been thrown in prison.

235. When did you last feel angry? Why?
I was angry when I saw what had happened to some of my crewmates after a terrorist attack.

236. When did you last feel guilty? Why?
I couldn't save a patient that I felt I could have tried harder to save.

237. When was the last time you cried? Why?
I was drinks and thinking about difficult things.

238. When did you last see your family? Is this amount of time normal?
It's been quite a while, but only because I've been busy.

239. When did you last do someone a favor? Who and what was it?
I covered ensign Reba's shift.

240. When did you last confess something to someone? What was it and to who?
I told Gavin what happened on the chintoka.

241. When was the last time you were sick?
I can't recall.

242. Who is the last person you spoke to?
You, the interviewer.

243. What was the last dream you can remember?
I was... Attempting to perform a heart transplant... But I turned to mush in my hands. After that, things started to blur. I don't remember much past that.

Right Now:
244. What is your current mood?
I'm a little tired of questions, but mostly neutral.

245. Where are you?
In this quaint little interview room.

246. What color are your nails/toenails?
Unpainted and blue.

247. What are your goals for this year?
Keep this ship's crew in one piece.

248. Do you have any pets? What are their names?
I have a Chinchilla. I haven't thought of a name.

249. What is your current health? Any injuries? From what?
Just fine, for once.

250. What is the nearest book to you?
"The Wonders of the Bolian Mind" by Hloin Urang.

251. Are you wanted for any crimes?
Goodness, I should hope not.

252. Finally, how many weapons are currently on your person?
Doctors aren't typically in the practice of carrying weapons around.


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Thelos th'Zhela's Extensive Character Test
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