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 Elysium | Equine Roleplay

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E Admin

PostSubject: Elysium | Equine Roleplay   Sat Oct 17, 2015 11:26 pm

Enter Elysium, a friendly equine roleplay community with a unique plot!
Currently all is sleepy and tranquil in the world, sign up and get comfortable before things take off!
We don't have a fancy pants advertisement (despite our dashing layout!), but let me tell you what we DO have!

-No word count, we do encourage mirroring what the other player has given you but this is a suggestion, not a rule.
-We LOVE novice roleplayers!
-Fun site wide polls on a monthly basis to improve the site and for fun categories.
-You can join weanlings!
-Mares WILL be able to claim lands (in future plot expansion).
-Quirky appearance and character twists available with site plot characters (in future plot expansion).
-We listen to YOU! Member's opinions are highly valued.
-New site, new ideas are encouraged and we are considering members for staff positions!
-ACTIVE admins! We are always changing things for the better!
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Elysium | Equine Roleplay
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