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 Reporting in - Thelos th'Zhela

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Thelos th'Zhela

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PostSubject: Reporting in - Thelos th'Zhela   Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:04 pm

|Thelos th'Zhela|


Name: Thelos th'Zhela
Species: Andorian
Gender: Thaan (Approximately male)
Date of Birth: October 20th, 2345
Age: 30


Height: 5'2" (Not including antennae, which would bring him to 5'6")
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Hair: White
Characteristic elements: Andorian blue skin, white hair, and antennae. Notably, however, one antenna was severed during his previous assignment, and has been very slow to grow back. One scar- a thick white line on his knee from falling on the ice on his homeworld, Andoria.



Thelos was born the oldest of three very much desired children on the frigid moon called Andoria. He lived a competitive and high-paced childhood for the most part, and learned to be very proud of his achievements. As a middle-class clan, Thelos was neither extremely spoiled nor needy, although he sometimes desired to be able to attend a more prestigious school than what was available to him.

Once he reached a certain age, his parents, like much of society, expected him to form a family and produce more children. This (unfortunately for them) never appealed to Thelos. He was far too interested in continuing his medical studies, which had captured his interest from a young age. Despite his family's protestations, he opted to leave Andoria and pursue his interests elsewhere, which let him eventually to starfleet. His family eventually accepted that he had made his own choices and he still maintains close ties the ones that remain alive.

Thelos spend several years studying medicine at starfleet academy with the intention of becoming a doctor. He regrets no part of his current career path, aside from allowing himself to get distracted during one of his years at the Academy. He doesn't like the string of less-than-stellar grades on his record from that year, although they were passable. It was at starfleet academy that he became a doctor and received his medical licence.

Several assignments followed his graduation from the Academy, but he never rose in rank. It wasn't his primary focus, although he realized that if he ever wished to become a CMO, he would have to do so eventually. From there on he was assigned to the USS Delphia, an intelligence ship where he spent the majority of his time clinging to a biobed as they got into one trouble or another. He was all too happy to leave that vessel when the opportunity arose. He was assigned the Chin'toka, and served as a medical officer aboard that ship for some time.

Unfortunately, the Chin'toka was boarded by hostiles later into Thelos's time there. He had the misfortune of being caught and tortured as an attempt to get another officer to talk. This is where he lost his antenna, and gained some psychological wounds as well that would take longer to heal. He opted to take a leave of absence to see a counselor and recuperate from the incident.

He was then ready to return to the fleet and take a new assignment.

Starbase 27 (Ensign)
USS Avalon (Ensign)
USS Bridgeton (Ensign)
USS Delphia (Ensign)
USS Chin'toka (Ensign)

Enlisted or Officer?: Officer
Department preference 1: Medical
Department Preference 2: Science

Sample Post

You have arrived at your newest assignment...

It's certainly been a while, Thelos thought to himself as he stared at the opposite wall of the moving turbolift. Today would be the first time he'd been on a starship as a crew member since his leave, and it was no secret that the doctor was thoroughly looking forward to resuming his job. With excitement, however, came a bit of apprehension. He was moderately concerned that he'd take a while to get back in stride. Oh, get over yourself, will you? You'll be fine. Surprisingly enough, that thought seemed to do the job, and by the time the turbolift doors opened a moment later, most of his troubled thoughts had vanished.

The hallways was surprisingly longer that he'd remembered but it wasn't long before he was standing outside the doors to medbay. He'd been instructed to report there as soon as was convenient. He allowed the doors to swish open and he stepped inside. He looked around at the neatly rowed biobeds and breathed a sigh of relief. Everything looked (as well as it could) just as similar as he remembered.

I'm back.
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Archangel T'Koris

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PostSubject: Re: Reporting in - Thelos th'Zhela   Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:01 am

Welcome to Aurora Fleet, Thelos!

I'm delighted to be able to offer you a the position of Medical Officer on the USS Phoenix with the rank of Ensign.

Since we haven't started our missions yet, feel free to jump in or start a new thread and start playing!


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Reporting in - Thelos th'Zhela
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