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 HELP: Character Creation

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PostSubject: HELP: Character Creation   Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:04 pm

Interested in creating a character?  Awesome!  There are a few things to keep in mind, but for the most part, it should be a simple and painless process.

1.  Universe:  We are in the Prime Universe, where all the shows and classic TOS/TNG films took place.  The JJ Abrams reboot films are not taken into consideration.

2.  Time:  The current game-year is 2378.  The USS Voyager has just returned from its sojourn in the Delta Quadrant, and the Dominion War has been over for three years.

3.  Age:  Your character will, more than likely, be starting out as an Ensign or Crewman, so make them age-appropriate (barring any extenuating circumstances).  Most Cadets graduate the Academy around age 22-23.  Aside from officer candidates, there are programs for Enlisted crewmembers at both Starfleet Academy's main campus, and the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars.

4.  Species:  There are three levels of permission for canon species:  Green, Yellow, and Red.  Greens are open for application at all times.  Yellows can only be created with staff approval, and cannot be created by first-time applicants (only as alternate characters).  Reds are a no-no, plain and simple, for various reasons.  

'Canon' is defined by what's seen on TV, the prime-universe films, and Memory Alpha.

Green Species include all of the 'classic' Star Trek races, including Alpha and Beta Quadrant aliens.  For example, (and please note that these lists are not exhaustive and that we reserve the right to ask you not to use a species):

  • Humans
  • Centaurans
  • Vulcans
  • Bolians
  • Klingons*
  • Betazoids
  • Deltans
  • Bajorans
  • Romulans*
  • Cardassians*
  • Ferengi
  • Andorians
  • Orions
  • Trill
  • Aenar
  • Benzites
  • Caitians

...Et Cetera.

* Species with an asterisk next to them need a good backstory as to why they're serving in the Federation and not their own Empires and Unions.

Yellow Species include those of the Gamma Quadrant, rarer species, and other special cases.  Chances are that unless you have someone to vouch for you or a really convincing argument/backstory, it's not happening.  For example:

  • Vorta
  • Jem'Hadar
  • The Hunters
  • Changelings
  • Suliban
  • Augments
  • El-Aurians
  • Holograms
  • Breen

...Et Cetera.

RED Species are a big STOP sign.  They include:

  • All-powerful entities (Q, Trelane, Organians, The Traveler, etc.)
  • Highly-advanced civilizations (Andromedans, First Federation, etc.)
  • Delta Quadrant species (The Borg, 8472, etc.)
  • Soong-type Andorids


For all intents and purposes, Starfleet is a military organisation.  Your character must be able to pass the psyche tests and physical evaluations that are an integral part of being accepted as an officer or enlisted.  If you need help to determine what would and wouldn't pass through, try looking up the current military requirements.

The UK parametres can be found here:

When you're ready to sign up, just go to the Applications section, and fill out a new topic using the template provided.


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HELP: Character Creation
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